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Where Wizards meet WiFi – Info about upcoming mobile game Guildlings

What is Guildlings?

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]uildlings is an upcoming mobile game for both iOS and Android. Currently in development by Sirvo, (the creator of ‘Threes!’), the single-player episodic adventure game is set to be released this summer. Combining ‘Wizards and Wi-Fi’, Guildlings (alongside upcoming magic school games Ikenfell and Witchbrook ) capitalises on the popular combination of teen angst and wizardry.


With amazing graphics, beautiful audio, and a focus on story, Guildlings is split into chapters, and is designed for longer play sessions than most mobile games. The JRPG game has you play as Coda, a home-schooled teen with a cursed smartphone. Recruiting your friends as Guildlings, you utilise their magical powers in an attempt to rid yourself of the curse, whilst also saving the world.


Gameplay combines exploration, conversation and non-traditional combat, which are connected by a mood-based character system. Each of your Guildlings  have their own unique powers. However, in the realm of Worldaria, magic is driven by emotions.  Essentially, your Guildlings can only use magic when they are feeling a certain way (eg confident). Therefore if your Guildling is afraid when they need to be confident, your task as a Guildmaster is to figure out how to influence their emotions and mood.

A sneak-peak of Chapter One

The first chapter offers players the ability to:

  • Embark on a grand Quest to Save the World
  • Reunite with long-lost friends
  • Duel with a grumpy kitchen appliance
  • Navigate a maze of trashbag-crabs
  • Annoy your big sister by insulting her love life
  • Collect tons of gold then spend it all on snacks
  • Snap selfies at the mysterious Makeout Temple
  • Narrowly avoid being crushed by a giant apocalyptic bird (?!)

Influences and Goals

Guildlings was inspired by games such as Earthbound, and interactive narratives like 80 days. It was also influenced by the much-loved Studio Ghibli films and globally adored Harry Potter franchise.

The game’s developers have said that their two major goals upon starting Guildlings were:

  1. To build a fun, inspiring coming-of-age adventure for mobile.
  2. To make the phone feel like a small portal into a large fantasy world.

More info

You can read more about the game (and obtain a free Guildlings mobile wallpaper) here.



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