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What To Expect From The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween Event

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the first game in the franchise to not have seasonal events ingrained. To stop players from time travelling and experiencing seasonal events out of season, Nintendo have been introducing them via updates instead. Additionally, Nintendo haven’t been very forthcoming in sharing details about Halloween in Animal crossing: new Horizons. Only confirming that there will indeed be a Halloween event, the Big N have been trick-and-no-treating players super early!

An accurate representation of Nintendo winding us up

Jack Is Back

Jack is a visiting spectre-like character with a pumpkin for a head. Like Zipper (who would actually be a creepier king of Halloween), Jack has a relatively humanoid appearance, but is rather short. It is almost certain he will make an appearance in New Horizons due to the presence of his Jack-o’-lantern head in Nintendo’s updates.

Shops Get A Spooky Makeover

Whilst we don’t know a lot about what the Halloween event will entail, there are some things we know for sure. It has been confirmed (thanks to Nintendo Direct gameplay footage), that your island’s shop exteriors will get a spooky makeover!

Are Animals Feeling Spooky?

Yes! At least enough to want to decorate the exteriors of their homes for Halloween. In regards to whether they will go trick or treating, we’ll just have to patiently wait and see. In the meantime, there’s nothing stopping us from getting spooky! Why not give your island a Halloween makeover with these awesome ideas?


A Blast From The Past

Halloween varies slightly throughout the Animal Crossing series. However, there are some notable elements of continuity. These include:

  • Jack paying a visit on Halloween
  • Trading candy/lollipops for halloween-themed furniture
  • Costumes/masks
  • Running for your life from anthropomorphic animals Residents getting spooky
  • Residents getting spooked
  • That Halloween music that suggests you are about to see some freaky walking, talking Jack-o’-lanterns

This consistency throughout the series means that we are likely to see the above features in New Horizons also.

Halloween-Themed Furniture We Might See

Animal Crossing: New Horizons could see the return of the following furniture from the Spooky Series:

  • Pumpkin bed
  • Pumpkin dresser
  • Pumpkin lamp
  • Pumpkin shelf
  • Pumpkin cabinet
  • Pumpkin sofa
  • Pumpkin mirror
  • Pumpkin chair
  • Pumpkin style
  • Pumpkin watch
  • Pumpkin wall lamp
  • Pumpkin wallpaper
  • Pumpkin carpet

We could also see the return of the Creepy Series items introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The Creepy Series consists of the following items:

  • Scary Crystal
  • Scary cauldron
  • Horror Stone
  • Scary mouse stone
  • Scary skeleton
  • Scary statue
  • Scary coffin
  • Scary watch
  • Scary floor
  • Scary wallpaper

Tips Based On Past Halloween Events

  • Leave two free spaces in your inventory
  • Have one undesired item on your person
  • Do NOT have items in your inventory that you like
  • Do NOT wear clothing items that you like
  • If ‘Jack’ (residents dressed up as him) runs towards you, be sure to start running too; in the opposite direction.

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