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Unfamiliar: Play a Relaxing Fantasy Game as a Cat-Witch

Explore enchanting storybook worlds and collect magical ingredients to craft costumes in Unfamiliar, a beautiful fantasy game coming to Steam on December 13th, 2019! Oh, and did I mention that you get to play as a magical cat!? Unfamilair is developed by Mana Tea Games, an indie game studio based in Melborne, Australia. Furthermore, you may still have a chance to snag some tickets to PAX AUS for this weekend (October 11th-13th, 2019) as the developers will be there with some goodies at their booth!

About Unfamiliar

Unfamiliar is a relaxing fantasy adventure game where you take the form of a cat-witch who sets out to acquire magic ingredients from storybook worlds to craft items and create enchanting costumes.

Key Features

  • PLAY AS AN ELEGANT, MAGICAL CAT: Get fur-miliar with Yew, the cat-witch
  • NO TIMERS, PENALTIES OR ENEMIES: Don’t worry, take your time
  • EASY YET COMPREHENSIVE CRAFTING: The power is all in your hands! I mean… paws!
  • IDYLLIC STORYBOOK WORLDS: Where will your whiskers take you this time?
  • RENOVATE AND EXPAND YOUR HOME: Complete quests and unlock hidden rooms
  • PLANT, GROW, AND HARVEST INGREDIENTS: Collect exotic ingredients to conjure wonder!
  • CUSTOMISABLE BODY AND OUTFITS: All the glamorous paw-sibilities!
  • GATHER USEFUL, MYSTERIOUS ITEMS: Who knows what’s needed next…

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    Unfamiliar: Play a Relaxing Fantasy Game as a Cat-Witch