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Two Point Hospital JUMBO Edition Releasing For Switch & More

Get ready to sorta treat more patients in the upgraded version of Two Point Hospital, coming to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Two Point Hospital is a hilarious hospital building sim that lets you treat a variety of crazy and increasingly complicated ailments. You’ll need the help of all kinds of wacky machines, which can be unlocked simply by trying not to kill as many patients as possible. Now, this hilarious sim getting is getting a special release on consoles; one that comes with all new content, and much of the previously released content, all in one game.

What’s in the JUMBO Edition?

Free Update

With the release of the JUMBO Edition will come a free update to the game. This way, players may choose to download any of the expansions as they see fit. The free update will bring some bug fixes, room templates are being added to the console edition, and there will also be some remixes to some players favorite levels. The remixed levels coming to console are,

  • Hogsport
  • Lower Bullocks
  • Flottering
  • Mitton University
  • Tumble
  • Flemington

More info

For detailed information on everything that will be included in the JUMBO Edition, you can check out the games official website.

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