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My Time at Portia – An Enchanting Sandbox Simulation Game. Date, Farm and more!

My Time at Portia is a 3D sandbox RPG adventure game. The developers are aiming to capture the hearts of Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Harvest Moon fans. In My time at Portia you will be able to meet different kind of NPC characters, with a deep relationship and marriage system in place. Furthermore players will be able to farm, fish, explore, and so much more. My Time at Portia is currently seeking funding via kickstarter. With more than 1,300 bakers the developers have almost met half their target. If you want to help fund the game you can do so here.


The developers will release the game on PC, but are also considering a console version on Playstation 4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A playable alpha demo of the game with up to 6 hours of gameplay is available here. You can check out the steam page of the game right here.  For more information on My Time at Portia check out some of the features, and the first gameplay trailer below.

My Time at Portia Features

Workshop – The player inherits a workshop at the start of the game and has to collect resources and complete commissions to grow the workshop into the best in Portia. The workshop is the home space of the player, and many parts of it can be upgraded. The homestead can also be customized through placement of different furnitures and different room upgrades.

Farming – Unlike most other farming games where you have to take care of your crops everyday, consuming lots of time and energy, the farming in this game will try to be more industrialized, more modern, such as using a planter box or semi-automatic irrigation systems. We want to keep the essential part of farming, such as planting your own crops and watching it grow, while taking out much of the daily routine associated with it to give the player more time to explore the world.

Relationships – The player will able to befriend or romance most characters in the game. The relationships are tied together with the economy system. If a player has a good relationship with a certain NPC, there might be perks such as new missions, cheaper goods, or a willing hand. Going the romance route will allow the player to go on dates with the NPC, go through with a storyline for that NPC, and eventually marry that character.

Character Customization – The player gets to pick to be male or female, with an assortment of hairstyles, facial styles, and colors to choose from. The face can be tweaked as well. There’s even a barber shop in the game to allow for hairstyle changes.

Battle – The player will fight an assortment of monsters, robots, and baddies. Weapons and armor can be upgraded.

Skills – There is leveling in the game, skill points gained can be distributed by the player.

Marriage – When the player and NPC relationship reaches a certain threshold, marriage will become an option. After marrying, the NPC will become a helper in the workshop. There might also be some more storyline that happen after marriage. We’d like to add children to this game, with your support, we hope it’s possible.

Fishing – There are multiple spots to fish in this game, from the pristine rivers, to dark swamps, to tropical islands. The player will get to keep fish in a fish tank for viewing pleasure after a house upgrade.

Big thanks to one of our readers – Kikki – for submitting this news story!

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You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked the look of it well enough to feature it 🙂 I enjoyed what I was able to play of the demo. Oh, btw, the PS4 version has been said by Pathea Games to be definite…it’ll be released a month or two after the PC version but it’s already considered a ‘for sure’ version. Switch and Xbox One are only if they can get enough funds.


Hmm…I’m not sure I worded this well enough. I don’t know if the Xbox or Switch versions depend on the funding of the Kickstarter itself or not, just that those versions are have not, at this time, been promised, only offered as a hopeful possibility. Here are Pathea Game’s words rather than my own: “My Time at Portia will release on Steam Early Access in January 2018. We’re aiming to release the full game during August of 2018. At that time, it’ll be released on Steam, GOG, WeGame, Itch, and GameJolt. The PS4 version will release in fall of 2018.… Read more »


Thank you Kikki! It sure looks like a Playstation 4 version is a definite yes, while other ports for Nintendo and Microsofts console is still up in the air! Let’s hope the Kickstarter will be successful 🙂


Luckily (or perhaps due to one of the backers begging, lol) a live-streamer called ‘Brownman’ who has nearly a half million subscribers showed Portia yesterday and the day before. It boosted the kickstarter by at least ten percent which puts it on a better track to success, for sure. I couldn’t try the demo because my laptop is known for a particular problem: overheating. And the alpha demo is not optimized to a very high degree, so it kept shutting my laptop down on me. But Brownman’s video showed me most of what I would have played on the demo… Read more »

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