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This Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Planner Will Save You Bells

Creating the perfect island in Animal Crossing takes time, effort and lots of planning. This Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Planner is designed to make it easier and even save you some bells along the way.

Based on a recent datamine it was revealed that new buildings and shops would make its way to Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you have the perfect island layout already you might fear the fact that you will have to move buildings around.

Not only is this an expensive adventure but if you also don’t choose to time travel it will take a while to move shops and other establishments around. Only one building can be moved per day and you will need to get a good night sleep before the move can be completed.

Save Bells – Plan your Island!

A fan project now created an island planner that allows you to create your dream island layout in 3D in the comfort of your web browser. You can choose paths, make rivers and even place any sort of buildings wherever you like. Once you have the desired layout you can copy it to your game.

You can check out the free Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Planner right here.

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