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The Survivalists – Monkey Around On Console And PC Soon

From the world of The Escapists, the Survivalists must… survive? with the help of friends… and monkeys!

The Survivalists is exactly what it sounds like, a survival game. Only, this one takes place in the universe of The Escapists, so if you’re keen to the series, you will definitely see some things and people you recognize. In this new title, you must resource, craft and build everything you need to survive in this harsh environment.

If, at any time, things become a bit too overwhelming, you can train some monkeys to help you with any task that you might find insurmountable as a solo individual, or even with your team. Yes, this game is multiplayer. Think “Don’t Starve”, but with monkeys!

The Survivalists Trailer

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The Survivalists will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on October 9th, this year.

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