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The Survivalists – Expeditions Update Now On Switch

The adorable and kooky survival game The Survivalists just got a new huge content update.

From the first moment I booted it up, I knew I was in for a treat. The Survivalists is the perfect survival game for anyone who is into the whole laid back genre.

The flow of the game is actually kinda relaxing, and the survival aspects aren’t too taxing. Not to mention that your primary assistant in the game can be a real life friend of yours, or a slew of monkeys that you have trained to do your bidding.

The Survivalists is the perfect survival game for everyone. My only gripe at launch was that the game seemed to be a bit lacking in content. Aside from focusing on endgame and hanging out with monkeys, there wasn’t much to do.

Since then, the developers have been working very hard to add more and more all the time. From farming to a difficulty increase on monkey catching (it was super simple), the developers have added much by way of content.


In the latest update, the developers are bringing a whole ton of new features and content, including new trinkets with the ability to equip up to four now. Not only that, there are four new NPC’s spread throughout the open world to offer quests for great loot. This is just a bit of what is in the update, so if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the perfect time. Check out the trailer below for more details.

Survivalists Expeditions Update

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