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The Spirit and the Mouse is a Cutely Electrifying Adventure

Guide Lila the Mouse Through a Heartwarming Adventure

After a terrible thunderstorm passes through the French village of Saint-de-clare, and bestows one unlikely creature with a new power and a new friend! The Spirit and the Mouse follows Lila, the mouse, as she works with her new ally, Lumion the spirit, to restore peace and balance to their village. Lila will also need to befriend the Kibblins, to help in her quests. Kibblins are playful electricity spirits who are running wild through Saint-de-clare, and will be the key to solving the village’s electricity problem. By helping the Kibblins and the villagers, Lila will be able to return Lumion to where he came from too

The Spirit and the Mouse is a rich, narrative-focused adventure game where you play as adorable Lila. Explore every dark corner and each little hidden spot you come across to complete objectives and collect items you’ll need to aid you in your journey. Meet the villagers, listen to their problems, then go find the Kibblins to solve the problems. You’ll complete cute mini-games to appease the Kibblins, as well as help you complete your quests for the villagers. Use Lila’s new-found electric powers to help solve puzzles and travel around Saint-de-clare. You’ll also want to collect energy and happiness to unlock new abilities through your journeys. 

Available Now!

You can find the adorable The Spirit and the Mouse on Steam, Nintendo Switch, GOG, and Epic Games right now.

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