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The Ranchers, a Co-Op Farm Sim, is Now on Kickstarter

Farm, Ranch, Build, and Explore with Co-Op

The Ranchers is an open-world country-life sim for 1-4 players online. Ranch, grow crops and fruit trees, cook with many recipes, craft machines like in My Time at Sandrock, build your house from scratch, go fishing and hunting, enter mines and fight monsters. All of which can be done, including quests, in multiplayer!

The game has more realism and creative freedom that makes it unique. Example, you can decide how to cut down a tree. Meaning, by using an axe, your car, explosives, or even guns. The animals you get to raise have the usual cows and chickens, but also ones not seen in typical farming sims like peacocks and turkeys. Pets include cats and dogs but if you back the game now on Kickstarter, you can have a pet tiger!

There are many villagers around to meet and befriend. You can also find love, move in together, and start a family. There are various vehicles you can drive to make deliveries, transport your animals, explore, and visit said friends. They all have different speed, handling, acceleration, passenger capacity, storage capacity, and fuel needs. Types of vehicles range from bicycles, motorcycles, yatch, scooter, etc!

Launching in Late 2023 for PC and Consoles

The Ranchers is in development by RedPilzStudio. You can Wishlist it now on Steam Early Access for release in Q3 2023. Some time a little later, the game will release on all consoles.




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