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The Crown: Build By Throwing

The Crown is a Fantasy Kingdom Builder where you play from the perspective of your Monarch (3rd-person view). Build and manage your Kingdom in unique ways while fighting off invaders. The game is currently in early development (about 7 months) by Brimstone Games with a free demo on PC coming soon in 2019. The company focuses on creating non-realistic system-driven games with a strong emphasis on cozy and charming art styles.

I don’t know much about this game so far, but what I do know, is hilarious. You’ll immediately notice in the video below that this builder is more hands-on than usual. What I mean by that is all buildings require you to throw materials at them. There’s actually quite a lot of throwing involved period; throw your trees, throw your buildings, throw your peasants, throw your wife and kids…Joking about that last part. It is also worth mentioning that the developers pointed that “you can arrest a horse”.

If you’re interested in other games by Brimstone Games, you can go to their official website here. For other town-building games, check out our articles here: Flotsam: Release And Introduction Trailer and Merchant of the Skies Updates, and Early Access Coming Soon.



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