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Tales of Wind Releases Its Charm Today

Tales of Wind is a mobile MMO filled with thousands of people who join together in the heart-filled place of Arlesdore, a mystical and fantasy like continent. Players can of course explore dungeons filled with secrets and discover the gorgeous environment. There are also over 20 different side activities in which you can solve quizzes, race each other and even get married.

Marriage is a big part of the game. Many Harvest Moon fans will be excited to hear that players can get married to another player in the church, in front of all your friends that you invite to celebrate your love. Married players will be able to manage a farm together and enjoy many other activities in joined company.

The mobile game features in-depth character customizations only seen on PC or console games thus far. You can change your hair, clothing, eyes and so much more – your creativity is the only limit! Tales of Wind also includes three character classes that players need to choose at the beginning of the game.

  • Warrior – Vanguards on the battlefield, they are courageous beings with minds of steel
  • Mage – Their raging magic spells are like deadly curses that befall their unfortunate targets
  • Assassinator – Dark fairies who walk a path between life and death
  • Cleric – Preachers who are the manifestations of love and faith

While Tales of Wind does feature some combat, it is essentially using powers you learn throughout the game progression and trying to stay away from those cutsie animals in the forrest is extremely simple yet fun. The majority of your time in the game can be spent exploring the living world that looks breathtaking on the screen.


Tales of Wind is now available for free on iOS and Android. You can even gift an invitation codes to your friends that you wish to play with.

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    1. We downloaded and made it to rank ten. We play a lot of games so it’s hard to focus a lot of attention on just one. It’s pretty fun and adorable. You rank pretty quickly through some grinding and unlock some cool stuff right away. Good feeling of accomplishment while not being too tough. And cute. A little on the violent side for our usual coverage, but fun and cute none-the-less.

      1. Thank you for the reply! Sounds really got, overall! I am in need of some good games for my phone, with this special sense of accomplishemnt (currently stuck in love nikki hell and my wallet does not like it!) so, maybe this will be a good replacement

        1. Not really a potato game, but we have also been checking out Elder Scrolls Blades. So far, really great graphics, and simple gameplay (with a slight tweak to the controls) make it a pretty darn fun mobile game. The combat is basic, but there is town building and other cool features. Might wanna check that out too!

        1. Hey James! Very true the voice acting could see some improvement. I appreciated that it was actually voice acted, but it would be great if they put some more effort in. The game released in 8 different languages so it would possibly be very expensive to hire outstanding voice actors for each language. Might be something to come in future updates!

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