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  • svgSep 6, 2023Reviews

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    Coffee Talk 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is the second episode in the Coffee Talk series. In it, you play as the proprietor of a cozy little coffee shop that’s only open at night. Set in an alternate present-day Seattle, join a cast of fantasy friends and serve up some delicious hot drinks as you explore the world by listening to their stories. Even use your phone to follow their lives outside of the coffee shop via social media, and return lost items to further influence story outcomes.

    The Story

    I’ll be honest, I did not play Coffee Talk. I have only played Coffee Talk 2, but I don’t feel like I missed out on anything vital to the story. I’m sure meeting the characters in Coffee Talk would have made their stories richer, more fleshed out. However, it was easy to settle into the story, overall. The characters are interesting and diverse. They have varying personalities that you get to experience through the conversations you have with them. Each person struggling with their own real-feeling issues, as well as sharing their joys and achievements with you really adds a beautiful, personal touch to the game. You’re more than just a barista at their favorite late-night hangout. These characters feel familiar and real. Nevermind the sass and sarcasm that’s thrown around. You’re genuinely a friend to everyone, and it’s heartwarming.

    Setting the Scene

    Besides the fun characters, the setting is nice and cozy, too. Set in rainy Seattle, the ongoing rainstorm provides a wonderful sound backdrop. Pair that with the lofi chillhop beats that play and Coffee Talk 2 really has a great, relaxing environment. The overall color palette is pleasing to the eye, too. Some characters wear some bright colors, like Lucas in his bright yellow hoodie, but it’s not overwhelming. The coffee shop is decorated in neutrals and muted colors, too. It’s an easy-to-look at environment that still offers a great variation in color so it’s not boring. It is the perfect cozy environment.

    The Drinks

    Figuring out what people want to drink via hints (mostly) was an interesting game play element. It not only gives Coffee Talk 2 a sense of replayability so you can discover all of the drinks and outcomes, but makes it a little bit more than just a reading experience. Correctly, or incorrectly, guessing someone’s drink gives you just a touch more immersive play than if you simply read the pre-written dialogue and picked pre-made drinks. Now, you can influence the conversation and other game outcomes by serving drinks. Plus, the latte art portion is fun. I’m by no means good at it, but it’s fun to play with and see what you can make. I made a palm tree once! Accidentally. 

    Final Thoughts

    This was a chill, relaxing game. It was fun serving drinks, and interesting reading the conversations with everyone. There’s no rush to complete things, and you can save in the middle of a day. Coffee Talk 2 is the perfect cozy visual novel, really. I can’t recommend this enough for anyone looking for a relaxing, no stakes, no pressure game to play. It’s perfect for curling up on a comfy couch, cozy blanket on a rainy day.

    I give this game:

    You can find Coffee Talk 2 on Steam, Epic Games, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox!

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  • svgAug 31, 2023Indie Highlight

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    If you loved Coffee Talk and Coffee Talk 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, then this might be perfect for you! Tavern Talk is another pretty visual novel full of unique characters, fun drinks, and good times!

    In Tavern Talk, you walk into a tavern and find yourself the owner of Wayfarer’s Inn. It appears to be a normal inn in the middle of the world, but looks can be deceiving. And you have a special gift! You can infuse beverages with magic that can influence someone’s fate. You’re known for helping the people of the realm via these magical drinks. 

    You’ll listen to the stories of the unique cast of beautifully designed adventurers that come in. From boasting about their glory or commiserating about failures, you’ll experience a variety of different personalities and tales. Help them find a place that feels like home by building relationships and creating an inviting environment inside the inn. Craft different interesting drinks, while you’re at it, but be careful what you serve. Your drink choices will alter their fate and the path their quests will take. Your choices shape the story of Tavern Talk!

    Coming Soon

    Tavern Talk has no release date listed, but you can find it on Steam. There is a demo available too!

    If you haven’t already, check out Coffee Talk and Coffee Talk 2!

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  • svgAug 24, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Every Hue of You is a gorgeous visual novel that follows Twyla. She recently lost her mother and struggles with keeping her emotions in check. Feeling lonely and confused, Twyla needs to navigate her emotions while quashing them as society in Zenoa city has stigmatized feelings. Those who can’t keep their emotions under control are shamed by the community.

    Twyla’s struggling with taking over her late mother’s famed jewelry shop, until one night she discovers she’s a conduit. Because she’s a conduit, Twyla can take on the emotional energy of others and transfer it! You’ll play as Twyla as she discovers her new gift, and uses it to revitalize the jewelry business. Every Hue of You leads you on a journey of exploration as you hold deep conversations with a cast of intriguing customers. Carefully coax out their true feelings through those conversations. Then, help them find the perfect gifts for loved ones, and enchant those pieces of jewelry. 

    Every Hue of You takes you on an unforgettable adventure full of complex narratives and beautiful visuals.

    Available Now

    You can find Every Hue of You on Steam now!

    Coffee Talk and Coffee Talk 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly are two more incredible visual novel games!
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  • svgAug 17, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Lovebirb is a one-of-a-kind dating experience like no other. You’ll play as a cute little bird who’s looking for love. Hop on the dating app, Bumbirb, and swipe left or right to find the perfect matches for you! Go out on dates with the hot singles in your area, and try to impress them with your dance moves. 

    You’ll play fun little rhythm minigames to show off your dance moves. Sometimes you’ll succeed, and sometimes you’ll make things a tiny bit awkward. No matter! Lovebirb gives you plenty of opportunity to find your perfect tempo, and date. So, keep swiping right to find the love of your life!

    Available Now!

    Lovebirb is available now on Steam, and is absolutely free to play!

    Looking for more wholesome dating sims? Give Kaichu- The Kaiju Dating Sim and Love, Ghostie a try!

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  • svgJan 12, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Garden, Cast Spells, and Help the Village

    In this cute and cozy little visual novel game, Witchy Life Story, play as a customizable, fully emotive witch of your own design. You are the youngest member of the esteemed and magical von Teasel family. You aren’t exactly the star of the family, though. Grandma has set you a test, and should you fail, you’ll receive no more magical training. The task? Save the harvest festival in the small village of Flora. And you only have two weeks!

    You and your crow familiar, Ramsey, will spend your time gardening, using your plants in spells and rituals, getting to know the villagers, and helping them make their upcoming harvest festival a success. Fulfill orders for the villagers, including relax incense or chitchat potions. You’ll craft spells, perform tarot readings, and lead guided meditations. Witchy Life story even has three romanceable villagers! Two weeks is enough time to make the festival a success and for you to make some big life choices, right? 

    Play Witchy Life Story today

    Witchy Life Story is now available on Steam. There is even a free demo if you’d like to give it a test spin!

    for other witchy, fun games check out A Garden Witch’s Life, Little Witch in the Woods, and Mika and the Witch’s Mountain.

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  • svgOct 17, 2022News

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    Play Matchmaker as an Adorable Ghost

    In this sweet little dating sim, you don’t play as someone looking for your love interest. Instead, you play as the ghost who’s acting as matchmaker for the residents of the mansion! There are over 10 residents in the mansion for you to get to know. You will read their diaries to learn about them. Also gift them items to discover what they like best.

    In Love, Ghostie, every resident can be shipped with another resident. No one is off limits! And with over 45 pairing possibilities, your options are nearly endless. So far, developer Janbeh Games has revealed only a few of the 10+ possible residents. There is Gerard the emo giraffe, Calathea the…. well, the calathea plant, Noir the goth, who is the literal black sheep of the family, and Mina, a short-tempered little calico cat. Also pictured are a frog character and a dragon character. So, who belongs together? Who knows! The choice is yours!

    Set up the residents on dates and give them tasks to complete that affect their happiness. As they learn about and get closer to each other, you will unlock cute relationship scenes and unique storylines. Discover the different story lines for each couple. Which of the delightful residents will you ship together in Love, Ghostie?

    Release Date TBD

    Sadly there is no release date confirmed for this cute little game. It will be released on Steam, however, where you can currently add it to your wishlist. Meanwhile, you can follow the developer on her Twitter and enjoy the charming trailer video for Love, Ghostie.

    For more dating sims, check out this article featuring Dream Daddy, Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season, and Half Past Fate.

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  • svgSep 29, 2019News

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    Coffee Talk is a narrative game currently in development and production by Toge Productions. You may know Toge for games like She and the Light Bearer or Magicat.

    Although seemingly dark, we find Coffee Talk to be a warm and relaxing story of everyday problems through the lens of magic.

    About Coffee Talk

    Set in an alternate version of Seattle, Washington, you will be a barista serving fantastical patrons. As rain fills the night outside, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of orcs, elves, mermaids, and more. You will participate in dialogue with customers while also trying to perfect whatever drink they order.

    Unlike other narrative-based games, the storylines and decisions will branch not from your dialogue options but from “how you treat and serve the customers of your café.”

    A dark and earthy color scheme meets with a ‘90s anime-inspired art style that is both beautiful and calming. On top of that, the music is a jazzy assortment of lo-fi. Toge calls the game “an experience to make you think, feel, and help rest your body and soul.”

    Game Features:

    • Fantasy Characters: Although the problems are familiar, the characters are anything but. Meet mermaids, orcs, elves, and other yet-to-be-disclosed fantasy races.
    • Unique Outcomes: The way you treat characters while serving them will change the decisions they make.
    • Chill Aesthetics: Along with the look of the game, you will have a selection of chillhop music to help set the scene.

    Here’s the teaser trailer

    Coffee Talk is slated for a PC and Mac release “sometime after midnight” this year. A playable demo is available on Steam,, or directly from Toge Productions’ website. You can follow updates for the game on Twitter.

    Need a relaxing game while you wait? We recommend Unpacking. Want more visual novel games? We’ve got that, too, with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and What Remains of Edith Finch.

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  • svgAug 14, 2019News

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    The publisher of Root Letter: Last Answer, Pqube, have announced on their Twitter page here that the game is releasing on PS4 and Switch in Europe on August 30th, 2019, while the North American PS4 and Switch versions are coming on September 3rd, 2019! The developers of the game, Kadokawa Games, have added new updates to this localization since their Japanese release of the game back in 2018. This includes: a new epilogue, improvements to gameplay, and a live-action mode. See below to learn about this upcoming visual-novel and to view the new gameplay trailer.

    The Day-One Edition includes 100-page artbook

    About Root Letter: Last Answer

    The return of the best-selling interactive mystery visual novel! Follow in the footsteps of Aya Fumino, a school penfriend allegedly involved in a tragic murder 15 years ago. Explore the prefecture of Shimane, uncover clues, and use the letters you wrote to each other to track down her childhood friends for questioning. But perhaps these friends, now adults living a peaceful life, will not be eager to let their painful memories resurface…

    Key Features

    • Solve a 15 year-old mystery – Many years have passed since the last correspondence with your pen friend Aya Fumino. While those memories have been long left behind, a confession of murder revealed in her last letter has resurfaced. It is now up to you to uncover the truth behind her disappearance.
    • An interactive visual novel Navigate your way around Aya’s hometown, search for clues in the environment, and confront her former friends that have now reached adulthood. Use the items and evidence at your disposal to make them confess!
    • A story with different outcomes – Your replies to Aya’s letters will have lasting consequences, and impact your relationship. Choose your answers carefully and shape a story with up to five different endings.
    • The complete experience – In addition to several gameplay improvements, Root Letter: Last Answer adds brand new epilogues that conclude Aya Fumino’s story and a live action mode.

    New Live-Action Mode

    The new live-action mode lets you experience the story in a whole new way! Meaning, 90 different real-life actors portray the characters from the original game. The backgrounds are even real-life screenshots of the city of Matsue in Japan. You can alternate between modes from the title screen at any time while playing to see Shimane Prefecture’s real locations.

    If Root Letter sounds like the game for you, check out the Ace Attorney trilogy which also mixes a visual-novel narration with investigative gameplay. Furthermore, you can solve another murder mystery with this game here: Jenny LeClue: Detectivú – A Narrative Mystery About Detectiving and Choosiness.

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