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  • svgMay 17, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Explore a New World, Nurture Plant Life, and Rebuild

    In Distant Bloom, you play as a member of a space exploration team. You and your crew are in search of a new planet to establish as your new home in order to save your species. You’ve spotted what appears to be a suitable candidate, only to land on this alien planet and find that not everything is as it seemed through the telescope. The once flourishing and lush plant life is now dead and barren.

    Explore this fantastical new planet, desolate though it may be. Learn how to care for the alien flora and nurture new life. Experiment with different plant structures to create a new thriving ecosystem. Harvest plants and turn them into recipes to eat, tools for you to use in your adventures, and items that can help you build up a new home base!

    While you’re exploring Distant Bloom, be sure to search for your crew members who are scattered across the new world. Reunite them to build your community and discover their individual, unique stories. As you explore the wilds of your new home, discover the planet’s different history. Discover mysterious ruins, and perhaps find out what—or who—left them behind. Perhaps even learn why!

    Whatever you do, make your choices thoughtfully, as everything you do will have an impact on nature and the lives of your crew members.

    Coming Soon

    The beautiful and cozy Distant Bloom is planned to release sometime in 2023 on Steam.

    For more restoration type games, check out No Place Like Home and Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator.

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  • svgApr 6, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Collect Creatures, Battle Beasts, and Solve Puzzles

    Join two young runaways as they unearth the mysteries of a lost realm in The Wild at Heart. Explore a world reminiscent of old storybooks, rich with history and full of beautiful scenery. Discover dark caves, beautiful woods, fascinating coastlines, and ancient shrines that hold untold secrets. The Deep Woods is full of mystery and secrets for you to uncover.

    As you explore the stunning landscapes, collect a herd of Spritelings to help you in your adventures. Spritelings are quirky little magical creatures who can help you break things, collect loot, connect paths, and fight beasts. The Spritelings’ unique abilities will be especially helpful for fighting. You’ll also be able to fight the supernatural creatures of The Wild at Heart with your trusty vacuum, the Gustbuster!

    The Wild at Heart has a useful crafting mechanic, too. Gather needed resources like magic crystals, scrap, electrical components, and more. Build new structures, create useful items, or upgrade what you have. Don’t forget to make yourself a light source! The shadows at night hide malevolent beings. You may want to stick around a campfire until the morning!

    Available now!

    The Wild at Heart is available now on pretty much every platform. You can find it on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, and the Humble Games Store. There are physical copies available for Nintendo Switch and PS4!

    For a similar experience, check out Lost in Play, a cute game that delves into the imaginative world of a child’s mind.

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  • svgNov 21, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Explore a Strange Countryside and Create Spells

    Wytchwood is a curious crafting adventure set in a land of gothic fairytales and fables. You play as the witch of the woods, an old and eerie being surrounded by mystery. You’ll get to explore a bizarre countryside in a quirky, but beautiful storybook art style.  Grow, gather, and harvest weird ingredients like toxic toadstools, eyes of newt, and bottled fear. After that, use those ingredients to research spells and brew some magical enchantments. Then casts spells and curses to help you in your adventures.

    Explore the captivating allegorical world of Wytchwood to uncover new characters, discover new creatures, and seek out their fantastical narratives. You will even get to pass your judgment on a varied cast of characters and creatures. Turn the greedy folks into frogs, and curse the wicked! After all, how else will they learn the moral of the story if they’re not taught by you? You’ll also need to use your wit to solve puzzles to best the monsters in the woods.

    Available Now

    Wytchwood is available now on the usual places like Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. It is also available on Epic Games, GOG, and Humble Bundle

    For more witchy games, have a look at Little Witch in the Woods, Witchbrook, Witchy Life Story, or even Wylde Flowers.

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  • svgNov 11, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Sing, Crack Jokes, and Impress Audiences

    Best friends Sok and Jester have hatched a plan to steal the Royal Diamond. In order to achieve this, they’re starting an improv show to outperform all the other acts – including their rivals Bok and Hofnar. Only being the best performers will win them an invitation to the Royal Theatrical Spectacle in the Royal Palace, where the king keeps his diamond. 

    You will play as Sok and Jester as they journey across the kingdom to achieve their master plan. Meet a cast of fully voiced, goofy characters, perform improvised shows, and sing your hearts out. Somewhere along the way, Sok and Jester discover the freedom and joy of musical theatre! Will the pair give up on their master plan, or will they continue to try and strike it rich?

    Embrace the creative freedom given to you. Each show you perform is explicitly different. You get to decide how to wow your audiences to try and make it to the Royal Theatrical Spectacle. And as you journey through Once Upon a Jester, you’ll discover some adorable, hand-crafted locations like cozy Dorp Town, dark and mysterious Woudwoods, and Stad City, who’s obsessed with the radio. You’ll also be treated to a catchy, original soundtrack through your gameplay. Are you prepared for some overt silliness and fun gameplay?

    Available Now!

    Once Upon a Jester is available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

    For more silly fun, check out Alpaca Ball.

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  • svgOct 18, 2022Indie Highlight

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    A Story-rich Mystery Adventure

    With Halloween fast approaching, I felt it appropriate to share Beacon Pines with all of you. It’s a cute and creepy adventure game set inside a mysterious book. As Hiding Spot Games puts it, “it’s Winnie-the-Pooh meets Twin Peaks”.

    You’ll play as both the reader and Luka, the main character of the story. There is something weird happening at the local warehouse, but no one except Luka and his friends seems to take notice. Sneak out of the house late at night, meet new friends, and explore town to solve the mysteries of Beacon Pines.

    While you adventure and investigate the mysteries of Beacon Pines, you’ll encounter special golden charms. Each charm has a single word engraved on it, and you’ll use these words to fill in the blanks of parts of the story. You may even drastically change the events of the story, depending on which words you use. 

    As the reader of the book, you’ll use the Chronicle to navigate the turning points of the story where words are missing. The Chronicle is an interactive story tree that grows as you progress in the story. Experiencing one piece of the story will unlock new charms for other parts of the story. So, you’ll spend your time bouncing around from story part to story part to get the whole picture of Beacon Pines.

    Out Now!

    Beacon Pines is out now on Nintendo Switch, Steam,, and Xbox.

    Check out our previous article on other Halloween games you could play to get in the spooky (but cute!) mood.

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  • svgFeb 8, 2019News

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    A Reddit user has shared the exciting response he got from Kan Gao, who is the designer, writer, composer, and director of popular game To The Moon.

    In the exchange between the user and the developer, the user enthusiastically asks whether there are any plans for the game to come to Nintendo Switch. Although rather cryptic, the developer appears to confirm a Switch release (or at least plans for one) in his reply.

    A screen capture of messages exchanged between the Reddit user and game developer Kan Gao

    However, it’s important to bear in mind that an official announcement confirming the port has not yet been made.

    About the game:

    To The Moon is a Story-Rich indie Adventure game with a plot somewhat reminiscent of popular sci-fi thriller series Black Mirror. Although the game was released for Windows back in 2011, it is still highly regarded. This is evident with ‘overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews on Steam (where the game is often praised for its emotive narrative), and in the fact that the game was also released for MacOS and Linux in 2014, and for Android and iOS in 2017. 

    Story: (Contains some spoilers)

    To The Moon features two doctors who are capable of giving patients on their deathbeds another chance to live, right from the beginning. The only catch is that the experience is only in the patient’s head, and that they will die once they reach the end of that life.

    The game focuses on an elderly patient named Johnny, and the two doctors’ attempt to fulfill his lifelong dream. As they uncover fragments of his past, it becomes as ‘clear as day’ that Johnny only ever had one real wish; To go ‘To The Moon’.

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  • svgDec 2, 2018News

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    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he critically acclaimed story-rich 2016 game Firewatch, is making its way to Switch later this month. Set to be released on the eShop on the 17th December 2018 in America, Europe, Australia and Japan, the game will cost $19.99 to purchase. It is unknown whether Firewatch will get a physical release.

    Firewatch is an atmospheric walking simulation adventure game developed by Campo Santo. Set in 1989, you play as a man who is a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. Something strange leads you to explore the nearby forest, forcing you to make decisions that can both build and destroy relationships.


    • A breathtaking wilderness environment which expands as you explore.
    • A customized story: the choices you make sculpt the narrative and build/affect relationships.
    • An exciting mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
    • An abundance of secrets and discoveries to be made.

    Firewatch is an award-winning game with ‘very positive’ reviews on Steam. The game is often praised for its narrative, atmosphere, and its interactivity, therefore making it a worthy addition to any Switch owner’s game collection.

    Will you be getting Firewatch on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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  • svgJun 25, 2018News

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    Bit of a tongue-twister eh? Are you forever skint like myself? Or are you a thrifty person who feels guilty forking out on video games? Never fear, for the Steam summer sale is here! Lasting until the 5th July, you can now nab those games you’ve been wistfully browsing through and adding to your Steam wishlist. Here are 6 discounted great games that you should totally grab whilst they’re on offer.

    1) Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

    Being a Level-5 BANDAI NAMCO game, this sequel is naturally of excellent quality, which unfortunately is reflected in its price. It’s original price of £49.99 was too steep for me to even consider. However, it’s current sale price of £29.99 (40% discount) makes it very tempting.

    2) The Witness

    Currently discounted by 70% (£29.99 to £8.99), this game is hands-down a bargain. However, there’s also a bundle available on sale, which includes The Witness + Braid for just £9.82. Their combined cost would be £40.98 when purchased individually at their normal price. ????

    3) South Park: The Stick of Truth

    South Park: The Stick of Truth is very highly regarded on Steam. It’s one of those games you’re always tempted by, but can’t justify forking out for. Well now you can! It is currently reduced by 75% from £26.99 to £6.74.

    A bundle containing South Park: The Stick of Truth + South Park: The fractured but whole is also on sale. The bundle is massively discounted by 73% from £76.98 to £20.91! ????

    4) Broken Age

    This beautiful game (made by indie developers Double Fine) is still adored 4 years after its release. If you haven’t already had the opportunity to play it, you can currently nab it for just £2.99, which is an 80% reduction from it’s usual price of £14.99!

    (Pssst! You can also get the Double Fine bundle, which contains 18 items, for 90% off. That’s £145.83 down to £15.01!) ????

    5) Undertale

    One of the most loved games of 2015, you probably already own this charming and interactive pixel-graphic game. If by the off chance you don’t, you can currently get it at half-price for only £3.49.

    6) Firewatch

    Firewatch is repeatedly praised for its narrative and interactivity. If you want to play a unique, story-rich game that bridges the gap between games and digital writing, you’re in luck. Firewatch is currently discounted by 75% from £14.99 to £3.74

    If none of these games tickle your fancy, there are plenty more bargains to choose from in the Steam Summer Sale.

    Just remember to get them before the 5th July!

    Happy gaming!

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