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  • svgMar 15, 2023Mobile Game

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    Explore An Open-World and Compete in Courses

    Some of you might be familiar with mobile game developer Foxie Ventures. They’ve put out games such as Virtual Sim Story, Wolf Tales, Dino Tamers, and Horse Riding Tales (which is also available for free on Steam). A few months ago they put out incredibly cryptic ads to sign up for their new game, Star Equestrian. Now, Foxie Ventures has released this new mobile game, and of course I’ve been playing!

    Star Equestrian is a beautiful open-world MMO adventure game that centers around, you guessed it, horses. You play as a character you create, with a name you choose, and experience a traumatic riding injury. Once recovered, you don’t allow that accident to keep you from horses, and re-establish yourself as an experienced equestrian.

    Explore an open world where you can collect items like carrots and lettuce to feed your horses. Go in search of your lost horse, Snowdrop, and complete quests for the residents of  Evervale to see if they have any information on him, too. Ride around practice arenas, sprint across cross country courses, and participate in show jumping to improve your horse’s skills. You’re not only chasing down your lost horse, but chasing your dream of becoming the best rider, the Star Equestrian. 

    You’ll also get to build your very own ranch, where you can customize the interior of your home and build stables to house your horses. And what I think helps set Star Equestrian apart from some other mobile horse games is the ability to interact with your horse. You can pet them to help raise the bond level, which unlocks certain skills. It makes the game feel a little more personal and cozy. I have high hopes for this game, as so far it ticks what I want out of a horse game (quests, competitions, story, and interaction).

    Available Now for iOS!

    Star Equestrian is currently available for iOS devices through the Apple App Store. There are plans for the game to be available on Android via the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the game will be released for Android, though. You can pre-register on the Play Store to have it automatically downloaded when it is available!

    You can also checkout Horse Club Adventures and Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch for more horsey fun!

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  • svgNov 19, 2022News

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    Restoration, Exploration, and Horses

    Enter a beautifully crafted open-world game where you find yourself vacationing at your aunt’s home. However, you arrive to find the once grand stud farm has now fallen to ruin. You are the only one who can restore the farm. You face a terrible challenge, but you aren’t alone in your endeavors. 

    Befriend the townsfolk who will help you and complete quests to rebuild the once glorious family farm. From the woodsman to the architect and craftswoman, there’s no shortage of useful villagers to forge friendships with. Perhaps you can even get in the good graces of the prestigious Fèlix family. 

    You can also journey across the vast open-world wilds and discover the hidden secrets of the island all while on horseback! Ride up the coastline, gallop through the forest, or adventure through wide open fields. 

    In your adventures around the island, you can find wild horses to tame, ride, and care for. You will even be able to breed your own horses. Select the perfect creatures to receive the finest horses with characteristics, personalities, and colors you want! Take your most admirable steeds and see how they measure up in competitions.

    Coming soon to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam PC

    French publisher Microids and German developer Aesir Interactive announced this exciting new open-world horse game is now available. Players can find it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam PC.

    For more open-world goodness, check out Tchia and Palia.

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  • svgMar 27, 2019News

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    The developers of Cat Quest II have recently announced a few fun additions to the world of Felingard: Local Coop and man’s best friend!

    “An adventure where two paws are better than one”

    Players will be able to play with their friends in a split screen experience. Explore the open-world cat universe, adventure on quests, and learn more about the lore of this furtastic world together.

    Along with coop, there is another furry creature joining the adventure. Players will now be able to switch between a cat AND dog! So whether you’re a cat or a dog person, there is an adorable pal for everyone.

    Grab a friend, family member, cat, or dog and enjoy local coop in Cat Quest II coming out in 2019.

    Add the game now to your Steam List and stay tuned to myPotatoGames for an official release date. Happy Gaming!

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  • svgOct 6, 2018News

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    MapleStory2, the MMORPG for kawaii lovers, is now available in English!

    [dropcap]M[/dropcap]apleStory 2 is a cute MMORPG game developed by NSquare and published by Nexon. The game is the sequel to the 2003 South Korean MMORPG game MapleStory.

    About MapleStory

    In the original game, the aim of players was to assume the roles of citizens of Maple World and improve their character’s skill and status over time. Additionally, with the seal of the antagonistic Black Mage weakening, the player is given a quest to prevent his resurrection. However, he eventually escapes the seal keeping him contained anyway, and sets out to rule over Maple World.

    The MapleStory franchise also extended to a DS game, a Korean anime series, and a Facebook adaptation.

    About MapleStory 2

    MapleStory 2 was initially released in Korea on July 7th 2015. It was then later released in China on September 21st 2017, and in the west on the 4th October 2018.

    The game takes many of the features of its predecessor but applies them to a 3D environment.

    The game is available to play on Microsoft Windows and can be purchased from Steam for $24.99.

    • Customize your hero
    • Embark on epic quests
    • Build your dream world
    • Explore a brand new dimension of the MapleStory universe
    • Explore a variety of colourful 3D landscapes
    • Engage with a passionate community of fellow Maplers
    • Defeat enemies both old and new
    • Battle a bunch of different bosses.

    “Choose your class, embark on your journey, and the rest is up to you!”

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