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  • svgMay 16, 2019News

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    Moving Out is created by SMG Studio in Australia (and in collaboration with Devm Games in Stockholm), an indie game development studio that won awards for their games such as Death Squared. This hilarious action, puzzle, and physics-based moving simulator game is a nice mesh of Frogger and Overcooked! I mean who doesn’t want to become a F.A.R.T (certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician)? For now, you can wishlist the game on Steam, which has a release date window of 2019.

    Complete the 50+ levels that will let you get into all sorts of shenanigans. For example, unloading cargo off moving planes, smuggling giraffes out of the zoo, and transporting goods to strange locales like haunted houses and outer space. Furthermore, customers appreciate prompt delivery so you can break down the walls, throw things, and use technology like portals and ray guns!

    Local Co-op and Multiplayer

    Be an independent contractor or team up with a friend! Moving Out features both local and online play across its arcade, story, and versus modes. Each level also adjusts the experience dynamically to account for the number of players on screen, thereby welcoming Smooth Move employees of all ages and skill levels. Moreover, with party mode you’ll be able to compete for the highest score locally or against the community.

    Character Customization

    As you can see in SMG Studio’s latest Tweet, you can change your avatar’s hair and skin color. You can be blue, purple, or green; anything goes in this quirky game!

    Check out their website here if you want to sign up and follow them for more information. For another wacky and cooperative game, check out our article about Knights and Bikes. If relocating and unpacking is your thing, check out Unpacking.

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    Locomotion is a railway puzzle and adventure game developed by Polyfox, a small indie studio in the UK. Help the conductor to find their gold, stolen by an alien, by guiding a train to different worlds and overcoming challenging puzzles along the way. Haul wagons and flick switches through fifty-one levels such as home on the range to the final frontier. You can play Locomotion today, May 10th, 2019, over on Steam here!

    Different themed worlds have different trains

    Get your steamy choo-choo-train on the right tracks by changing the directions with signs, turntables, and lifts in this western-themed world seen below, and don’t forget to grab your gold along the way! The unique ways to chug along will change depending on the world you’re in (i.e. teleportation in the sci-fi level).

    Control where your train goes by changing the tracks

    Key Features

    • Explore a captivating cartoon world.
    • Solve challenging puzzles using over a dozen mechanics. Use a magnet to haul a wagon onto a switch, turning a turntable holding a fan that blows you to the next level.
    • Unravel a story of loss, vengeance, and unidentified flying objects.

    Enjoy solving puzzles? Do it with friends as cardboard boxes in Pile Up! You can also guide your fast food via conveyor belts and with the help of robotic machines in this kitchen puzzle game called Automachef!

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  • svgMay 9, 2019News

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    Button City is a coming-of-age game about making friends and adorable anthropomorphic animals trying to save their local arcade. Play mini-games, solves puzzles, and complete quests in a world with beautiful pastel colors and floating islands. Button City is created by Subliminal, a two-person indie game studio and is still in early development with no release date or announcements on platforms. However, stay tuned with myPotatoGames to stay caught up with all of the updates (see below for the latest post on their Patreon page).

    About Button City

    The game follows a shy fox named Fennel as he befriends the coolest kids in town, the Fluff Squad. He joins them at the Button City arcade for the tournament of the summer against their ultimate rivals the Tuff Fluffs. But their battle is cut short when they discover that the arcade will soon be closing its doors to make way for a Big Box store. With friendship on their side and a crazy scheme, the Fluff Squad set out to save their beloved hangout and win arcade glory.

    At the Button City arcade, there is a fierce rivalry brewing. Eight spunky kids, two teams, one game, and one prize. It is the battle of the Fluff Squad versus the Tuff Fluffs, a story as old as time. In the arcade and beyond their rivalry runs deep. Which team is the best in town!?

    The Fluff Squad

    The Fluff Squad comes in with Fennel the Fox, Sorrel the Cat, Lavender the Panda, and Chive the Rabbit. They are pastel loving friends who are bright and love to dance. Don’t let their cute looks fool you, these Fluff’s mean business. 

    Sorrel the team leader brings the hype! Always looking for thrills and excitement she will infect you with her energy and pump you up times a billion! When she’s not dancing or playing games you can find her doing her Metal Yoga.

    Chive is inventive and quick-witted. Looking to make things faster, stronger, better she hacks together devices and tinkers with the world around her so she is always at the cutting edge. She will not slow down to explain things so try to keep up.

    Lavender is creative, enthusiastic, and caring. She loves to write fanfiction and draw fanart in her free time. She will talk your ear off for hours about her favorite books, shows, games, and manga. Don’t bad mouth her favorite characters or she will bring down wrath like no other.

    Fennel is the newest Fluff Squad member! He is a bit shy and quiet but he’s excited to have all these cool new friends. He loves to play video games and he’s currently trying to memorize all of the knock-knock jokes in his new book, but he’s embarrassed to try telling any.

    The Tuff Fluffs

    The Tuff Fluffs are here to rumble with Saffron the Cat, Cayenne the Mouse, Paprika the Pup, and Sesame the Bear. These younglings come in ruff and tumble but do it for love and respect.

    Saffron is the leader of the Tuff Fluffs and she means business. She will be the shoulder to cry on, she will help little old ladies cross the street, she will be Tuff to do what’s right. With lollipop in paw, she leads by being true to her Tuffness.

    Cayenne is the brains of the Tuff Fluffs! Even at a young age, he already reads at a 10th-grade reading level and does complex long division in his head! He will outsmart you with high-level tactics in game and then get a perfect score at trivia.

    Paprika is a star! They are super photogenic, super nice and have a ton of friends. Though they are always positive, there may be more than what they are letting on.

    Sesame is super chill listening to the freshest beats before anyone else. He’s always cool to hang out with and there to listen when you’re feeling down.

    More Information

    You can support their game by becoming a Patreon here and receive emails, behind-the-scenes videos, the ability to vote on things, a special role on their Discord channel, and more! In addition, find out more about how to follow theses developers in our previous article of Button City here.

    If you enjoy adorable talking animals, you should check out our article about a village simulation game, Hokko Life.

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  • svgMay 3, 2019News

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    A Fold Apart explores what it’s like in a long-distance relationship.

    With the rapid advancement of technological communication, more people than ever have experienced what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship. The weight of uncertainty combined with an unwavering longing can be quite the emotional roller coaster. Well, indie developers Lightning Rod Games have created a beautiful puzzle game, A Fold Apart, to allow gamers to explore this reality in a virtual way.

    Come together in A Fold Apart.

    In this wonderful heart-felt puzzle title, it is the players mission to guide their characters through a charming fold-able world with the ultimate goal of bringing your two characters together. Given that the game was heavily inspired by actual events in the developers lives, you get a true sense of what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship. The sacrifices made by each individual to work toward becoming one again is experienced through the charming characters (whose genders are also customizable) created by devs who have been there.

    The delightfully appealing graphics of A Fold Apart really help you to get the emotional feel of the game as well. With soft shapes and colors galore, we’re sure we will get to experience as close to the real happening as we can get from the virtual world.

    A Fold Apart is set to be released in June of this year for the Nintendo Switch and PC, and later this year for Xbox One and PS4. For more information about this soul-stirring release, be sure to check out their website, and don’t forget to wishlist on Steam! For another great puzzle title, don’t miss Automachef!!

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  • svgMay 1, 2019News

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    Automachef is an indie puzzle game in which you will have to build automatic kitchens for a robotic fast food tycoon who believes he’s a human. Automachef will be releasing for PC and Nintendo Switch in Q3 2019. This game is developed by Hermes Interactive and published by Team17 (My Time at Portia and Overcooked). Prepare yourself to become a masterful kitchen manager and wishlist it on Steam!

    Robert Person is the name of the robot…we mean human…that will guide you and offer you help throughout the levels. You can choose from dozens of different machines to build your automatic kitchen in exactly the way you want. For example, conveyor belts, robotic arms, splitters, computers, gates and much more! Automachef features computers you can program in assembly code, or using a simple visual editor, to make other machines, such as robotic arms or ingredients dispensers.

    Our very trusty “human” friend Robert Person

    The game features 30 campaign levels, 10 bonus levels, three exciting game modes, dozens of different recipes to prepare (i.e. cheeseburgers, salads, hot dogs), special events, disasters, and more! The three modes in Automachef are: the Campaign Mode, building a business in Contracts Mode and practicing your builds or playing freely in Test Site Mode. Furthermore, if you have created the perfect production line, you can save your plans as blueprints to use in future kitchens!

    Filling out orders with your production line

    Key Features

    • Plan. Position. Program: Design and build automated restaurants, then program them to run like well-oiled machines! Do you have a can-do attitude and the know-how to conquer the world of automated restaurants?
    • Challenging Puzzles: Fine tune your mind as you tackle intricate spatial, resource management and scenario puzzles! Not enough hot dogs? You’ll sort it! Kitchens on fire? No problem for a smart human like you!
    • Multiple Brain-Tickling Modes: Take on the campaign levels, traverse your way through the business world in contracts mode, or just go nuts and bolts in the sandbox test mode and play until you get your fill.
    • Endless Charm and Quirky Humor: All delivered in an abundance by our helplessly misguided (robot) human protagonist – Robert Person. Who is definitely a human. Don’t ask questions.
    • Mod Support (Steam): Think you could bring some more pizzazz to the table? GREAT! Step on up to the plate and create your own ingredients, recipes and scenario levels via Steam Workshop!

    Do you love cooking games and want to play more? Check out our most recent news on Cook Serve Delicious! 2 right here.

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  • svgApr 29, 2019News

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    LUNA The Shadow Dust is a point-and-click adventure and puzzle game developed by Lantern Studio, a small indie game design team of four. Unique features of LUNA include: wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics, and a breathtaking original soundtrack. The game will release this summer of 2019 for PC, Steam, and mobile (iOS and Android).

    Play as a young boy with his creature companion and solve puzzles to learn of the mysteries of the ancient tower that stands at the edge of world. Help the character bring back his lost memories and find out the darkest secret beyond the tower.

    In addition to solving the puzzles inside the tower, you can also experience the world outside it with approximately 25 different locations. Moreover, players can jump and climb in the environments, and also interact with many different objects.

    Key Feature

    • Traditional frame by frame character animation
      12 frames per second, 3 layers per frame. Over 250 animations and 20 minutes of cinematics. A nostalgic and time-consuming process – but really worth the challenge for a small indie team of four.
    • Single player mode with dual character control
      Solve puzzles from different perspectives. Discover a story of true courage with two playable characters drawn together through an inseparable bond.
    • Think outside of the box
      Spark your imagination and solve a wide variety of puzzles, presented in gorgeous hand-drawn environments. Puzzles work standalone, requiring no ‘hidden items’ or player backtracking.
    • LESS reading, MORE cinematics
      We replaced a dialogue system with a series of beautifully hand-animated cinematics telling a mysterious story.
    • Engaging Original Soundtrack
      Our composer created an original soundtrack, designed to immerse the player in the emotional highs and lows of the story, kindling goose-bumps along the journey.

    Furthermore, the developers have announced in their blog of March that there will be a new demo coming soon. For more information you can go to the official website here. Afterward, check out another point-and-click game, Trüberbrook with us here. That game also has a unique visual-style; built by miniatures and then rendered digitally.

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  • svgApr 24, 2019News

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    Pode, an adorable cooperative puzzle game, is developed by Henchman & Goon, an independent game studio in Bergen, Norway. Nordic Game have announced the nominees and Pode has appeared in four different categories in the annual Nordic Game Awards of 2019! In addition, check out this link for more about the conference and stay tuned with us for the announcement of the winners!

    The annual Nordic Game Awards, a highlight at the Nordic Game 2019 Conference, will take place on Thursday, May 23rd at 6:00 p.m. in Malmö, Sweden. Pode has been nominated for: Nordic Game of the Year, Best Art, Best Game Design, and Best Fun For Everyone. We at myPotatoGames couldn’t be happier for this adorable little indie game! In fact, Pode is challenging a huge AAA title like Battlefield V (also nominated in four different categories including Nordic Game of the Year)!

    Nordic Game Awards 2018

    If you haven’t played Pode yet, it’s about a little rock helping a fallen star find its way home. As they travel through the insides of a mysterious and magical mountain, Bulder and Glo discover an ancient sleeping world. Explore the ruins of a long lost civilization with their unique talents and abilities. Only by helping each other can these adventure companions open the secret passageways up the caverns of Mount Fjellheim.


    Pode, a game built around “the themes of friendship and cooperation, with a strong emphasis on positive actions, relaxing atmosphere and beautiful art”, is inspired by Norwegian culture. For more information about Pode, check out our article here. Furthermore, you can also purchase it digitally on Nintendo Switch now for $24.99 US.

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    Trüberbrook, a mystery adventure game, is set in rural Germany in the late 1960s. Play as an American physicist, Hans Tannhauser, and discover why your dissertation on quantum physics notes have been stolen! Trüberbrook was released for PC on March 12th, 2019 and now you can buy the game today, as of April 17th, 2019 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

    Hans Tannhauser happens to win a trip to the tranquil village of Trüberbrook. This place is an old but beautiful health resort somewhere in the densely forested countryside of West Germany. He decides to go in order to work quietly on his PhD thesis. But, something in the town seems odd and now you’re suddenly thrown into a puzzling sci-fi mystery!

    While investigating the case of your stolen notes, you run into quirky villagers, travelers, and spa guests. They will give you tasks as you begin to wonder whether you’re truly in Trüberbrook by chance.

    The Visual Style

    Something rather noteworthy about this game is its unique visual style; the whole scenery and all backdrops were built as real miniature scale models. They were then captured with a 3D scanner, digitally polished and blended with animated characters, visual effects, and set extensions. See more information about it below.

    All the locations were designed in advance and built by hand in the workshop. For several months, set designers worked on the dollhouse-like miniature models. These were then individually staged and filmed. Among other things, we use small lamps and many colorful foils to simulate different hours of the day, different seasons and weather conditions. We then use a process called photogrammetry to digitize the models.

    By Hannah Kloth – Casting Team

    The Team

    Trüberbrook is develeoped by “btf GmbH”, published by “Headup”, and co-funded by the “Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg”. The game is made up of quite an extensive team of talented individuals. See below on what inspired them to create this mystery thriller.

    Mood and atmosphere of the game are inspired by TV series like Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and Stranger Things. The game mixes German folklore with a gripping sci-fi storyline, covering universal themes like love, friendship, loyalty, rootlessness, self-discovery and monster hunting.

    By Hannah Kloth – Casting Team

    For more point-and-click adventure games with mysteries to solve, check out our articles about Deponia and Firewatch, both available to play right now!

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