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  • svgJan 10, 2023News

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    Brew Potions, Manage a Shop, Negotiate Prices, Find Love

    Since we last heard about Potionomics, an alchemy-crafting, potion-selling sim, a lot has changed. Developes at Voracious Games now have publisher XSEED/Marvelous backing them up! Now, there’s also deck-building and romancing elements in the mix, in case the game wasn’t perfect enough. Not to mention you practically have Archimedes (the owl, not the inventor) by your side.

    You play as witch Sylvia who’s inherited her uncle’s potion shop, along with a huge debt. Players must hone their negotiation skills, outsell crafty competitors, and appease the pickiest customers with the best products in Rafta. Decorating your shop is not only stylish, but can help you to increase your sale prices and provide better quality potions! Gathering ingredients and learning new recipes will also be essential.

    Furthermore, certain merchants and shopkeepers will be yours to romance, as recently revealed. Characters such as Muktuk the walrus, Saffron the faun, Luna the moth-human hybrid, and 7 others! You can check out the latest trailer below.

    Potionomics available now

    Potionomics is now available on Steam and has gathered mainly positive reviews. You can get this adorable and magical narrative-driven, deck-building shop simulator on Steam here. There’s no news as of yet if Potionomics will be coming to consoles, although chances are great with XSEED as the publisher.

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  • svgSep 10, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Deck Building, Potion Making, Shop Managing Fun

    Play as Sylvia, a witch who’s taken over her uncle’s potion shop after his untimely death. It’s now up to her to keep the shop running and carry on her uncle’s legacy. Luckily, Sylvia isn’t alone. With the help of her friends she’ll learn to negotiate, outsell her competitors, and perhaps make her shop the number one shop in Rafta. 

    Learn the necessary skills to negotiate with customers by befriending villagers and other merchants who can teach you better ways to run the potion shop. Use those new skills to manage Sylvia’s stress as you choose the correct cards to settle on the right price. You’ll also learn to create the potions you’ll be selling. Just be careful what ingredients you add to them, because you could end up with some awful concoctions! 

    While not everyone you encounter will be helpful, as some aren’t friendly, there’s also a chance for romance waiting for you. You’ll get to choose from nine incredibly unique characters for your romantic partner. Choose one to date or date them all to find which one you like best! 

    Coming to Steam October 17

    After 6 years creating the game, developers Voracious Games are excited to announce that Potionomics will be available for PC via Steam on October 17th. You can currently add it to your wishlist. 

    For more potion making, check out Alchemy Garden, and for more management gaming, check out Bear and Breakfast.

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  • svgOct 3, 2019News

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    Potionomics is a magical potions simulator and role playing game created by Voracious Games with the help of Atomhawk with digital art and designing. The developers have mentioned that they were inspired by shop-management game Recettear, and that the focus of Potionomics is on the business side of potion brewing. Potionomics is still in development but will be releasing on PC “soon-ish”.

    About Potionomics

    Assume the role of a penniless witch named Sylvia who must save her debt-ridden potion shop from the clutches of greedy loan sharks.

    Along the way, you will encounter mighty (and not-so-mighty) heroes, classic RPG creatures, and a genius economist trapped in an owl’s body. Potion brewing is as much a science as it is an art. Master your craft while learning new recipes along the way! As every aspiring entrepreneur knows; customers will be fickle, competition will be fierce, and prices never stay stable. Add in some magic and you have a recipe for a magnificent adventure unlike any you’ve ever played before.

    Key Features

    • Open for Business – Gather ingredients, light your cauldron, and brew up some potions! Master the art of running a potion shop in a fantastical world.
    • Wheel & Deal – Barter, haggle, and negotiate with a slew of demanding customers.
    • Profit from a Colorful Cast – Interact with fantastic (and not so fantastic) characters that can help you on your way to riches.

    Is anyone else getting the high-quality animation vibe reminiscent of the Fable series? You’ve also probably already noticed that I’m a huge fan of witches and wizards, alchemy and potion-making. If you are too, its the perfect time of year to be taking a look at the following articles: Potion Paws, Spellcaster University, Sims 4: Realm of Magic Game Pack, Alchemy Garden.

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