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    The creators of this game call it ” sort of something like Harvest Moon meets Pokémon meets Animal Crossing meets the weird awkward people we are “. In Ooblets you will not only be able to plant, water and harvest your crops, but you can also manage and expand your farm, collect all sort of items, make friends and more!

    Ooblets is still in development and is expected to be released for PC and Xbox One. We already have a couple of in-game screenshots for you giving you a glimpse of what the game will actually look like in the first gameplay trailer below.

    Some of the main features of the game already sound fantastic, making every Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing Fans heart jump high!

    Main Features

    Live a simple life working the land (and battling magical creatures)
    You get a little house you can decorate and expand
    Play at your own pace. Leave the stresses of city living behind you
    Take part in a bustling little town full of characters
    Open world exploring
    Visit a variety of regions (one will be under water I think!)
    Automate production with things like sprinklers
    Run a shop!
    Upgrade your dudes because I guess they’re not good enough for you
    Maybe you will get to name your dudes too?
    Join an Ooblet club. Feel wanted and appreciated. Distrust other clubs’ members.

    UPDATE: We have some more information on Ooblets here





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