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  • svgDec 6, 2023Snack Size News

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    Mind Over Magic is a simulation game where you run a magic school. Design, build, and develop your ideal magic school. Prepare your students survival skills and how to face the obstacles of the Underschool, an underground trial. Engage in a number of different types of magic, and make sure to keep the mysterious fog at bay!

    Mind Over Magic allows you to build the school brick by brick. Create unique rooms by hand-placing lights, furniture, and decorations. Opt for a whimsical and cozy look, or perhaps the creepy and spooky is more your style! Then, run classes to teach your students magic and survival skills to prepare them for the Underschool. Choose the class schedule and assign teachers for each one. Craft wands and potions to summon more powerful students, and animate the dead to take care of chores. Then, delve into the labyrinthine Underschool to fight deadly magical battles! 

    Release Date

    You can find Mind Over Magic on Steam. There is no release date set, but you can add it to your Wishlist and sign up for Playtesting!

    Want more magic schools? Try Spellcaster University and Spells & Secrets!

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    Witchbrook has been in development for some time now. The game created by Chucklefish, the previous publisher of Stardew Valley, revealed some amazing new details about the upcoming Magic game in an early design document.

    In Witchbrook the player will take on the role of a student inside a magic school, something a Harry Potter fan might be familiar with. During the course of the studies, players will be on a path to discovering who they really are.

    The game will take the player on a journey through various activities that all help you work towards a successful school life. Withcbrook offers a lot of side activities next to the very busy study schedule that players will have to master.

    Witchbrook Looks Stunning

    Chucklefish surprised fans with some brand new screenshots showing of the games colorful, whimsical world. Take a look at the new screenshots released below!

    Witchbrook magic school game

    Gardening, Potion Making and Artifact Hunting!

    Side quests such as social actives and school work are just the beginning of the many features you can look forward to. You will be able to plant your very own herb garden, go on a fishing trip and just so much more. Witchbrook is designed to deliver a relaxing and calmly paced experience much like Stardew Valley where you can decide how to play the game.

    Besides growing your own herb garden, you will also be able to go artifact hunting. These items are scattered throughout the world, inviting the players to go exploring! Once you come across an artifact you will have to solve a puzzle to obtain the item!

    Fishing in Witchbrook using target mode

    Potion making is obviously part of the game, every wizard needs a cauldron expelling green mysterious steam. Once you acquire potion recipes you will be able to brew a potion. But don’t you worry, there will also be traditional cooking where you can throw together a delicious meal inside the local cafe!

    Some activities like fishing also allow the player to enter “Targeting mode” where you can choose from a list of different actions like spells, items and tools. This mode is great to create a rich and meaningful experience, rather than just point and click at something.

    Withcbrook doesn’t stop here, exciting features like wizard dueling, crafting, astrology and even mail stamp collecting enrich the gameplay even further.

    Witchbrook magic school game

    Seasonal Events

    The game is also accompanied by weather and a day and night cycle. While this is always a pleasant element to have, as it creates a more immersive experience, it also adds seasons and therefore seasonal events. Christmas and Halloween were named as a few possible examples. Magic school and Halloween events just seem like a perfect match to us!

    That’s right, players will be able to enjoy 4 seasons, each lasting one month or 30 days according to the in-game calendar. If you played any Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley or Story of Seasons games you will know how much each season can change the gameplay entirely. During each event players can also look forward to obtaining new items to redecorate part of the school grounds or simply make new friends at the gathering.

    Broom Racing and other Minigames

    Minigames are also going to be a big part of Witchbrook. According to the game design document “Minigames are scattered throughout the gameworld. Some minigames only show up during events.” Chucklefish also named some examples that could potentially become part of the game. Broom racing, casino games, wizard chess, card games and more.

    What would a magic school game be without… magic? Players can learn spells which can help you perform better in side activities such as fishing, foraging or even farming! Alakazam!


    Everything you love in games is here!

    Besides all the fun new features Witchbrook has to offer, there will of course be elements you come to expect from such game. NPCs with unique personalities are populating the breathing and living world. Make friends around school, help other people around you by obtaining quests from them and more. Get to know the people who share a world with you, customize and play the game you enjoy it the most.

    Witchbrook magic school game

    Witchbrook is one of the titles I look forward to playing a lot! With its adorable art style and plenty of content, I can only imagine the amount of hours I am going to pour into this promising title. However, do keep in mind that game designs can change drastically throughout the development cycle. While all these features sounds exciting it is possible that they will change or be left out entirely. Regardless, Witchbrook is shaping up to be a fans new favorite game!

    Witchbrook Multiplayer and Cross platform

    Some details in regards to multiplayer options for the magic game have also been shared, you can find out more about it right here.

    Witchbrook Release Date

    Witchbrook does not have a release date – but is expected for a release sometime in the near future, Chucklefish is very quiet about the actual release window. Given the publishers history I would not be surprised to see Witchbrook appear on Nintendo Switch as well as on Steam!

    In a recently released FAQ Chuckelfish stated that it is a “no crunch” game development studio which essentially means developers are given enough time to bring their vision to life. However this also means that games take a little longer to comeplete.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons was also delayed by nearly a year which resulted in one of the most refined games Nintendo has released in recent years.

    Make also sure you keep an eye on another magic focused game called Little Witch in the Woods a super adorable indie game featuring kitty clouds and wizards!

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  • svgJun 11, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Make Friends, Mix potions, Cast Spells, Spend Time Witch Your Cat and Tend to Your Garden

    Kitori Academy has gone through many changes since we’ve last reported on it. During today’s Guerrilla Collective 3 and Future of Play Direct, the developers at Cubenary showcased a new trailer for their magical life simulator. Live the adventures of a wizard apprentice with your fluffy kitty spirit companion!

    In school you’ll attend your garden of vegetables, catch and collect spell-creatures, learn to brew powerful potions, and craft charms. Outside of the academy, you can discover secrets, catch bugs, fish, forage, and cook.

    Launching on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2023

    You can Wishlist the game on Steam here. Schedule your school courses now, because we have a lot of spells to cast and potions to brew already with Witchbrook.

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  • svgJun 1, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Make Potions, Master Spells, Manage Your Social Life

    Creator Chucklefish has just announced today that their magical school RPG, Witchbrook, now has a Steam Page right here! This game has been high on our wait-list for being the Harry Potter to our Stardew Valley.

    In Witchbrook you get to create your own character and enlist as a witch-in-training at Witchbook College. There, you can develop your magical abilities by attending classes, completing assignments, and earning badges to graduate at the top of your class. You’ll be learning to brew potions, fly brooms, improve your botany skills, and master spells.

    School life will also include socializing with others, and even bringing dates to the prom! Yes, you can go on romantic dates with a colourful cast of characters. All with hopes and dreams that you can help them realize on your way to graduation and beyond.

    New Witchbrook Steam Screenshots

    As the release date is “still brewing”, the game will likely not launch this year. Furthermore, it’s too early for any console release confirmations. However, a Steam Page is a great next step! Speaking of which, it shows that online multiplayer is in the works!

    As you can see below, new screenshots have been added with this announcement and we get a closer look at seaside town Mossport. Outside of the academy, you can take part in other activities such as photography and gardening. Mossport boasts many boutiques, cafes and seasonal markets!

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  • svgJan 11, 2020Feature

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    When J.K. Rowling published Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone back in 1997, she had no idea how popular the book would become. The book was so popular in fact, that Rowling went on to write another six books, all of which were turned into great films.

    With J.K. Rowling being an undeniably great writer, in combination with the attractive magic (but still refreshingly relatable) premise of the franchise, it’s no wonder the series has a cult following. And so for all you Potterheads out there, here are six games picked especially for you. ?

    Games already released

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

    Set in Hogwarts and the Harry Potter universe, this game was bound to make the list. Developed and published by Jam City under license from Portkey Games, This RPG game was released for Android and iOS devices on the 25th April 2018.

    The game is set between Harry Potter’s birth and his enrollment at Hogwarts. Upon beginning the game, players can create and customise their character, who is about to begin their studies at Hogwarts. Your player can attend various different magic classes, learn spells, duel rivals, and undertake quests.

    The game is free to download, but there is the option to make in-app purchases for additional perks.

    Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

    Described as a cross between Harry Potter and Animal Crossing, Magicians Quest: Mysterious Times was published by Konami for Nintendo DS in Japan on the 12th November 2008. The game hit the shelves in the US on the 11th May 2009.

    Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times is a fantasy life simulation game for the Nintendo DS. After customising the appearance, name and gender of their character, players are able to attend classes at the game’s magic academy. During classes, players will learn spells and incantations, the mysteries of magic, and interact with fellow students.

    Despite criticism for its striking resemblance to Animal Crossing games, Magician’s Quest offers plenty of unique features for players to enjoy. Examples include: monthly quests during ‘Mystery Time’, dates with other students, the ability to form a band, getting to prank others (and be pranked), plus many more amusing quirks.

    The game is quite rare, and therefore rather pricey, but pre-owned copies of it often pop up on sites like eBay and Amazon.


    Guildlings is a JRPG single player episodic adventure for mobile. The game is a fantasy adventure game ‘set in a world of wizards and Wi-Fi’.

    Playing as a homeschooled teenager, you unfortunately manage to activate a cursed smartphone. Recruiting your friends as Guildlings, you must utilise their incredible powers to rid yourself of the curse, and more importantly, save the world.

    Game developers Sirvo Studios released Guildlings for iOS on the 8th November 2019. It was also a featured release on the Apple Arcade.

    You can read more about the game by clicking here. Additionally, you can obtain a free mobile wallpaper by visiting the game’s official website.

    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is an action adventure RPG game. The game was initially released in Japan for PS4 on the 30th of November 2017. It was released worldwide on the 15th of May 2018. The game was developed by A+ Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is currently playable on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

    For those unfamiliar with Little Witch Academia, it is an anime series that takes place at Luna Nova Academy, a school for witches in training, The protagonist of the series is a Japanese girl named Akko who is from a non-magical background.

    In the game, you must uncover the mysteries at Luna Nova Academy with Akko and her friends. Players get to explore dungeons, cast spells, and use witchcraft, in order to discover the seven wonders, and solve the peculiar shift in time.

    Upcoming games


    Witchbrook (which initially had the working title of Spellbound), is an up and coming RPG simulation game with turn-based strategy elements. Currently in development by Chucklefish, the pixel-art-stylised game is described as ‘Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter’.

    The game is set in a magic school, where the player is enrolled as a student, Whilst completing their studies, players will go on a journey to discover who they really are. The game offers a variety of side activities that include social events, potion making, fishing, gardening, artefact hunting and more!

    You can find out more about this highly anticipated game by clicking here.



    Ikenfell is a pixel-art-stylised turn-based RPG game that features a group of troublesome magic students. The game utilises timing-based battle mechanics to allow players to power spells and block attacks. Ikenfell is set in a vast and mysterious magic school. Inside the school, players will encounter numerous monsters and bosses to fight, discover hoards of hidden treasure, and uncover dark secrets never meant to be discovered.

    Ikenfell is currently still in development by Happy Ray Games. It will be published by Humble Bundle. Upon its release, the game will initially be available for Windows and Mac. However, the Ikenfell website says that ‘other platforms and consoles will be announced as they are confirmed.’

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  • svgSep 28, 2019News

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    Spellcaster University is developed by indie studio based in France, Sneaky Yak Studio, and has just released on September 24th, 2019 on Steam Early Access here. It is even currently on sale at 10% off from now until October 1st, 2019. This strategy simulation game is about building your own ‘Hogwarts’ for mages and training them. See below for more details about what to expect in its current form.

    About Spellcaster University

    In Spellcaster University, you take on the role of the director of a magic university in a heroic fantasy world. Build your school, manage your budget, recruit teachers. Will you make it a high place of black magic, with the best necromancy and demonology teachers? Or a school in harmony with nature to train druids and shamans? Or why not train adventurous mages, offering them options to learn how to fight and be discreet? But this will require surviving the ruthless attacks of the orc tribes and the controls of the education authorities.

    Key Features

    • Build your university with a mechanism of magic decks. Each game will be different.
    • Manage the well-being of your students by building refectories, dormitories, rest rooms… and ensure their discipline with a dungeon.
    • Customize your rooms with powerful artifacts such as Xar’Saroth’s raclette machine or the Soul Devouring Bed.
    • Tame legendary creatures: dragons, fauns, pegasus, janitors…
    • Push your students towards a glorious future. At the end of their courses, you discover their future (necromancer, archimage, peasant…) according to the success of their training, and win new bonuses.
    • Select your students: traits, personality, alignment, wealth… each decision will have its consequences.
    • Escape the armies of darkness by building your university in isolated environments: lake, mountain, desert, volcano, giant turtle back, etc….
    • Collect powerful grimoires to strengthen your university and to confront increasingly hostile environments during a procedural campaign.

    Looking for more magic and spooky Halloween fun this October? Check out our article here: Mildly Spooky Games You Should Play This Halloween. And for more magic school games, make sure to check out the latest on Witchbrook Stardew Valley of magic by Chucklefish.

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  • svgSep 14, 2019Quick Bits

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    Stardew Valley is one of many beloved indie games that are currently available to play. Eric Barone also known as ConcernedApe is the sole developer of the game and has now spoken out to clarify some misunderstandings among the community in regards to his relationship with publisher Chucklefish.

    Chucklefish is a British company that used to publish Stardew Valley, and is now working on Witchbrook which is considered the Stardew Valley of magic. Eric has since parted ways with them and taken over self publishing once again. Eric states in his latest blog post “Throughout the 4.5 years of development, I was the only person to work on Stardew Valley. Neither Chucklefish nor any contributors working with Chucklefish were involved in creating the game, in any capacity.”

    Making clear once again that Chucklefish had no impact on Stardew Valleys 4.5 years of development, other than writing the net code for the multiplayer update that was released for the PC and Nintendo Switch console last year.

    Chucklefish has recently been accused of underpaying their employees, a sensitive topic that is very important to Eric who recently formed a small team to help him focus on future development for Stardew Valley. Eric said “I can also say that, both personally and in my capacity as the recent founder of a small team, I believe in compensating developers for their contributions in working on games.”

    You can check out his full statement on the official Stardew Valley Development Blog. Eric also recently teased fans with Fish ponds that will be coming to Stardew Valley with the next major update. The long awaited multiplayer update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also only weeks away from release according to Eric.

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  • svgJul 8, 2019News

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    Fans of Harry Potter and Little Witch Academia will be pleased to hear that there are currently two very exciting magic school games in development. Whilst Chucklefish’s game, which has the working title of ‘Witchbrook’ is still in its early stages, Ikenfell is much further in development. Ikenfell is expected to be released around June 2018.

    Interestingly, both games use pixel game art, are simulation games, and are (obviously) set in a magic school. However, they both have unique art styles, with Chucklefish’s game Witchbrook having visual similarities to their very popular game, Stardew Valley.


    Ikenfell is a JRPG game which utilises turn-based and timing-based battle mechanics. These mechanics enhance it’s variety of characters and story development. It’ creator has said it’s art style was influenced by a plethora of games such as Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Earthbound (Witchbrook, Starbound, Earthbound, Warbound, everything-bound!), and Robotrek. The game also takes i nspiration from fictional teen series such as Harry Potter and Carry On.

    The game’s publisher is Humble Bundle, and its platforms are PC, Mac and possibly Linux. Humble Bundle are helping to polish the game, market it, and will soon add it to Steam.

    An update from the game’s founder talks of the release of a new game trailer at the beginning of 2018, so look out for that!

    Currently, the game takes around 20 hours to complete (possibly more for less experienced players).


    Safina is invited to the magical school of Ikenfell for witches and wizards, leaving behind her slightly embittered sister Maritte, who doesn’t have magic powers. Safina soon becomes one of the school’s most notorious students.

    However, Safina doesn’t return home one summer. She has gone missing alongside the school’s headmistress.

    You play as Maritte, who goes to Ikenfell to find her sister and discover the truth of what exactly is going on.

    The expansive school is full of ‘magic, mysteries, secret passages, hidden rooms, and many strange characters’ for you to explore.


    • Magical duels within an original turn-based RPG battle system
    • The ability to time your hits to increase spellpower and to block incoming attacks
    • An expansive magic school, containing mysteries and secrets
    • A variety of strange and interesting characters
    • Hidden spell, items and equipment to aid you
    • Friendship, rivalry and romance



    Witchbrook is an up and coming RPG turn-based strategy simulation game in development by Chucklefish, the creators of Wargroove and publishers of Stardew Valley. Finn Brice, the founder and director of the game says that a formal announcement is “maybe quite a way off”. He also suggests that the game is around a three-to-four year project. The working title Witchbrook came from Chucklefish’s game Wargroove’s working title, Warbound.

    Influences on the game include a variety of old Nintendo console games (Earthbound again perhaps?), as well as games such as Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and 2D Zelda games. Although not the intention of Chucklefish, many people compare the game’s graphics to Little Witch Academia. However, Brice has said that Ghibli films such as Kiki’s delivery service (which look similar to Little Witch Academia) did influence the game’s art style.


    • A day and night cycle
    • Magic classes to attend
    • Dating mechanics
    • Folkore and exciting areas to explore
    • Undisclosed “interesting gameplay twists.”

    However, unlike Ikenfell, which is heavily story based, the developers want Witchbrook to have the appeal of Stardew Valley where players can simply enjoy being inside a charming world and make it their own.


    Similar to Ikenfell, Witchbrook allows players to have relationships with other characters and to go on dates with them. However, these don’t always go to plan, making the game more true-to-life, as opposed to the idealised romance often portrayed in other forms of media.

    However, Brice reassures players that even though the developers want to hit home and capture what it’s like to be in school, they want to provide a nice kind of nostalgia for players. Therefore, interactions with other characters won’t be too difficult or ‘horrific’.

    Ikenfell has been pretty much complete since late 2016, with the kickstarter campaign being set up to mainly fund:

    • Vocals for battle and vocalists for some music tracks
    • Additional battle animations and story animations
    • Additional artwork for cut scenes and critical moments
    • Any additional software and licences required for the above

    However, Witchbrook still has plenty of room for development, influences and features.

    What would you like to see in Witchbrook?

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