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  • svgOct 27, 2022Animal Crossing

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    Unsure as to whether we’d be getting new Halloween-themed in-game items, players decided to bring spooky season to the game prematurely with these inspiring island ideas and professional-looking pumpkin patches. Even if Nintendo doesn’t share many new items, the community always keeps it fresh!

    I was so excited to finally know for sure that Jack was back when Nintendo announced it during the games first year, that I didn’t even mind the return of that god-forsaken Halloween music (‘witch’ in New Horizons, sounds rather like it could’ve been played by Miles Davis himself…) *Hisses in Animalese!*

    But whilst I was busy clapping at the pumpkin seeds on sale in Nook’s Cranny, creative players were busy doing what they do best! Namely, creating creations such as these:

    But Wait; There’s More!

    For more spook-tacular creations from fans following on from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update, be sure to check out these cool costume ideas here. And whilst you’re in the mood, you seriously need to take a look at these perfect little pumpkin patches (which now contain actual pumpkins!).

    Adorable Spooky Game Obakeidoro! Free this weekend

    take a look at this adorable lantern haunting game you can play with your friends on Switch for free this weekend only!

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  • svgOct 10, 2021Feature

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    The most adorable and middle spooky games to get you into the cozy fall and Halloween mood!

    As Halloween parties are being kept small this year (and being a lot little too old to go trick-or-treating), I had decided to get my sulk on, as opposed to getting my spook on.

    Horror movies scare me, I can’t watch the Gremlins, and even get the heebie-jeebies from The Grinch. I admit it. I am a bit of a scaredy-cat. But I do really LOVE Halloween and this time of year.

    So when I realized that candy is still abundant and mildly scary games perfect for Halloween exist, I was over the moon! Now, I’m super excited to curl up (in the warmth!) on the 31st, eat too many snacks, and play some of those slightly spooky games. So if you’re in the same boat as me, or are looking for something fun to do with kids, look no further!

    Here are some wholesome games with Halloween events and some standalone slightly spooky games you should play this Halloween.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Halloween Event

    Nintendo was very cryptic regarding the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween event when it first launched. So cryptic in fact, that players had no idea what the seasonal event would entail, and many wondered if it would happen at all!

    But just when all seemed lost and Halloween canceled, Nintendo decided to casually drop the game’s fall update and even added new items this year around. And what an update it was! The introduction of real pumpkins, brand new eye and skin colors, Halloween costumes, and spooky furniture were just a few fab features from the update.

    *Pssst* If you haven’t already spook-ified your island, it’s not too late! Here are some spooktacular island tunes and flags, pumpkin patches, and decor ideas to inspire you before Jack is back.

    Be sure to check out your island between 5pm and midnight on the 31st to witness and participate in the spooky shenanigans occurring. Island residents will gather in the splendidly spooky-looking plaza at 5pm. You’ll also receive a visit from Jack, the “czar of Halloween.” If you indulge Jack’s sweet tooth and give him lollipops and candy, you’ll get spooky rewards in return.

    Ooblets – Halloween Event

    Ooblets is described as ‘a farming, creature collection, and town life game where you build up your farm, befriend townsfolk, grow Ooblets, and have dance-offs’.

    Developers and publishers of the indie game, Glumberland have been working their socks off to make the quirky little game the best that it can be. Excitingly, they released an early access version of Ooblets back in July of this year. Glumberland have been open about the game having some unfinished bits and bobs, and that players may encounter a few bugs. This is, however, to be expected in any early access game.

    How is this relevant to Halloween you might ask? Well, back in September, Ooblets posted some very exciting tweets about the next update for the game. These posts spoke of a new area (named Nullwhere) for players to explore in update 0.4. Spooktacular images of Nullwhere were shared in the below tweet, which confirmed a Ooblets Halloween update.

    Fast forward to October and fans got a (pretty darn awesome!) jump scare:

    The Ooblets Port Forward update is alive!

    To check out the new update introducing new recipes a new area and more, you can download the Ooblets early access here for $24.99. The game is currently only available on Windows, however, Glumberland hopes to release it on other platforms in the future.

    Night In The Woods

    Night in the Woods is an autumnal themed indie adventure game. Highly relatable to many, the game shows the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs. After the protagonist, Mae Borowski drops out of college and returns to her hometown, she finds things as gloomy and hopeless as ever. But this time, it’s even worse.

    As fall turns to winter, Mae notices that strange and eery occurrences are happening. And there’s definitely something in the woods. This charming game with a beautiful soundtrack and enthralling narrative is a must-play. Night in the Woods is playable on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, Android, Macintosh operating systems, and iOS.

    Night in The Woods is currently available on Steam, you can grab it here for just $19.99.

    Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

    Described as a cross between Harry Potter and Animal Crossing, Konami published Magicians Quest: Mysterious Times for Nintendo DS in Japan on the 12th of November 2008. The cute game hit the shelves in the US on the 11th of May 2009. Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times is a fantasy life simulation game for the Nintendo DS.

    After customizing the appearance, name, and gender of their character, players are able to attend classes at the game’s magic academy. During classes, players will learn spells and incantations, alongside their classmates. Some of the game’s more amusing features include dating other students, playing instruments with others, and pranking (and getting pranked by) others.

    When Mystery Time events are triggered in the game, however, things get a bit weird. On the 29th of October each year, a forced Halloween-themed Mystery Time event occurs. For added spookiness, the game also has a haunted house containing unfriendly ghosts and a ‘shady’ dude chilling in the graveyard (as you do!).

    Costume Quest & Costume Quest 2

    Costume Quest is a Halloween-themed party-based RPG game. The game was developed by Double Fine Productions and published by THQ. The player controls a kid who is out trick-or-treating with their twin sibling. When a monster kidnaps their twin, the player must travel around the neighborhood and collect candy, items for their costume, and other children to aid them in fighting the monster and rescuing their sibling.

    The game released on October 19th, 2010, and is playable on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. The game’s sequel, Costume Quest 2 released on October 31st, 2014.

    If you haven’t already played them, you can grab them both as a bargain bundle for just $4.99 until November 3rd.

    The original Costume Quest (2010) game trailer

    Thimbleweed Park

    Thimbleweed Park is a pixel-art-stylized puzzle-mystery game. The tiny town of Thimbleweed Park is home to 80 very strange people. Five people with nothing in common find themselves drawn to the town. They are all connected, although they don’t immediately know it.

    Nor do these strangers know that somebody’s watching them. Despite the game featuring pixel graphics, with a rotting corpse, an abandoned circus, and a haunted house, the game is a far cry from Stardew Valley. The game is available to play on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac.

    If you don’t yet own a copy, the game is discounted by 60% to just $6.99 on Steam until November 2nd.

    Luigi’s Mansion 3

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 released on Nintendo Switch on October 31st of last year. Considering its release date, players got a sneaky suspicion that Luigi’s Mansion 3 may be a good game to play on Halloween. They assumed correctly.

    Luigi receives a dream vacation package with Mario and friends to stay in a luxurious hotel. But the friends never seem to catch a break, right? Once at the hotel, King Boo (booo!) reveals that it was all a ploy and captures everyone! The hotel contains an abundance of uniquely-themed designs, puzzles, and, you guessed it: Ghosts. But with his new ghostbusting equipment with new abilities, Luigi’s got things in the bag. He thinks.

    Alternatively, you can play in co-op mode with one other player. After unlocking Luigi’s gooey doppelganger ‘Gooigi’, you can pair up in solving perplexing puzzles and ghostbusting ghouls. But the multi-player fun doesn’t stop there! For example, in the game’s ‘ScreamPark, you and seven others can play mini-games together on a single console. Additionally, you can gather a group of eight others, either online or via local wireless play in an attempt to conquer the ‘ScareScraper’.

    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is an action adventure RPG game. The game initially released in Japan for PS4 on the 30th of November 2017. It then released worldwide on the 15th of May 2018. The game was developed by A+ Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is currently playable on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

    if you’re unfamiliar with Little Witch Academia, it is an anime series about a school for training witches, Luna Nova Academy. The protagonist of the series, Akko, is a Japanese girl from a non-magical background.

    In the game, you must uncover the mysteries at Luna Nova Academy with Akko and her friends. Players get to explore dungeons, cast spells, and use witchcraft, in order to discover the seven wonders, and solve the peculiar shift in time.

    Graveyard Keeper the Stardew Valley of Spooky

    Another addition to the list which is kinda like Stardew valley, but a bit darker is Graveyard Keeper.

    Graveyard Keeper is a simulation game set in medieval times, where players take on the responsibilities of a cemetery manager. You must gather resources and create your very own environment. To do this, you need to build and manage your graveyard, find ways to cut costs, and ultimately to help the dead find peace.

    Graveyard Keeper

    Perfect for Halloween, Graveyard Keeper has some elements of dark humor. Examples of this include, taking a break from graveyard keeping, and instead, participating in witch-burning festivals, or scaring locals into attending church.

    Making this game more Halloween-y, is the recent release of the Graveyard Keeper – Game of Crone DLC on October 27th.

    Graveyard Keeper Game of Crone DLC Features
    • 6-12 hours of extra gameplay.
    • Build your own refugee camp and bring it to prosperity.
    • Brand new bag mechanics!
    • Get access to new dishes, gravestones, fences, and to teleportation scrolls.
    • Deal with a vampire terrorizing a peaceful Village.
    • Unravel the secret of the mysterious death of your predecessor.
    • Find out even more terrible secrets abou your old and new friends.
    • Become an ally of Comrade Donkey and take part in the Revolution!

    You’ll have to help the escaped prisoners of the Inquisition survive in the wilderness by providing them with everything they need. To develop their camp into a fortified settlement while keeping in mind its benefits. To protect those who entrusted you with their lives, from the sword and fire. And also – to untangle the circumstances of the cruel game, which turned into the Great Blast and the return of the Ancient Curse.

    Released on the 28th of October, also just in time for Halloween, is the Graveyard Keeper Strangers Sins DLC, which we covered here!

    The Graveyard Keeper Game of Crone DLC can be purchased for just $8.99 here. Alternatively, if you do not yet own the base game, at the time of writing, you can get a hefty 63% off the Graveyard Keeper Collector’s Edition here. For only $19.75, the Collector’s Edition contains Graveyard Keeper, Graveyard Keeper OST, Graveyard Keeper Artbook, Graveyard Keeper – Stranger Sins, Graveyard Keeper – Game of Crone.

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the mobile version of the much beloved Animal Crossing series. While it doesn’t offer the freedom of the console games, it still does a great job at delivering a super cute gaming experience.

    During the month of October there will be plenty of Halloween themed events with spooky furniture and decoration items that you can use to turn your campsite into the ultimate Halloween Haunted House. The Pocket Camp team does a great job making the entire month of October feel spooky and fun!

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  • svgOct 7, 2020Animal Crossing

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    Now that October is here and the Halloween update has come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the spooky fun has begun! The Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update has introduced a bunch of awesome new features! Pumpkin patches, new eye colors and skin tones and Halloween costumes, are just a few spooktacular examples.

    The new Halloween costumes and clothing play an essential role in the October 31st festivites! However, there are also pre-halloween clothing items and costumes that are just as good as the official Halloween clothing items.

    With the amount of clothing and accessories now available, players can mix and match clothing to make the perfect Halloween costume.

    If you’re a little stumped, why not check out these Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween costumes for inspiration.

    About Halloween Costumes & Clothing In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    For a comprehensive guide on Halloween costumes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, be sure to check out this article here!

    How To Get The New Halloween Skin & Eye Colors

    To find out how to unlock the new Halloween skin & eye colors, click here

    More On Halloween In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    For information about the spooky items and furniture introduced in the recent update, click here.

    Do you need inspiration with decorating your island for Halloween? Check out these spooky paths, creepy flags & town tunes, and Halloween-themed island ideas.

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  • svgOct 4, 2020Animal Crossing

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    The Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update has officially arrived! Pumpkins, new eye colors and skin tones, Halloween costumes, spooky furniture and more! I can hardly contain my excitement. If you’re curious about the new Halloween costumes and clothing and wish to know how to get them, you’re in the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about Halloween costumes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

    How To Get Halloween Costumes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    After downloading the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update, the Able Sisters will begin selling some Halloween costumes and clothing.

    Kicks is also joining in with the halloween fun. He sells six different variations of Impish Wings. Players can purchase them for 1,000 bells each.

    A Complete List Of The Clothing Items Introduced In The Halloween Update

    Mage’s dress (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Mage’s boots (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Horizontal-striped tights (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Mage’s striped hat (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Magic-academy hood (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Magic-academy robe (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Raggedy outfit (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Impish horns (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Impish wings (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Flashy round-ear animal hat (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Flashy pointy-ear animal hat (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Animal nose
    Flashy animal costume (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)
    Flashy animal boots (6x variations: white, black, red, orange, green, purple)

    What Garments Can Be Obatined From Jack, And How?

    On Halloween night, you’ll be able to get a special costume from none other than Jack himself. To get them, you’ll have to give Jack candy or a lollipop in exchange. The clothing items are:

    • Jack’s face
    • Jack’s robe

    Pre-Halloween Costumes

    If you were disappointed that costumes such as mummy costumes were not included in the update, we have good news for you. Halloween-themed costumes and clothing items such as the Mummy outfit and Bone costume have actually been around for a while. Therefore if none of the costumes introduced in the update take your fancy, you still have plenty of other outfit options.

    Some pre-existing costumes and items of clothing are just as good as the official Halloween clothing items. Some examples of clothing ensembles perfect for Halloween that were introduced prior to the fall update include:

    • Bone costume and Skeleton hood
    • Mummy outfit and Mummy mask
    • Mage’s robe, Mage’s hat, and Mage’s booties
    • Devil costume and Devil hat
    • Pirate outfit, Pirate bandana, Pirate eye patch, Pirate boots
    • Pirate-treasure robe, Pirate-treasure crown, Pirate beard, Pirate boots
    • Pirate dress, Pirate’s hat, Pirate eye patch, Pirate boots
    • Witch’s hat and Magician’s robe
    • Wizard’s cap and Wizard’s robe
    • Thief’s costume
    • Vampire costume
    • Frugal hat and Frugal outfit/Frugal dress
    • Viking top, Viking helmet, Ancient boots, Torn pants

    More On Halloween In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    For information about the spooky items and furniture introduced in the recent update, click here.

    Check out these spooky paths, creepy flags & town tunes, and Halloween-themed island ideas to inspire you when decorating your own island for Halloween.

    A big thanks to Kaylynn Touchette (left) and Alyssa Lee Henry (right) for modelling as mages with me! 🎃🦇🧙‍♀️
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  • svgOct 1, 2020Animal Crossing

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    Pumpkins. The latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update allows players to plant, grow and harvest pumpkins. This allows players to create some awesome, authentic-looking little pumpkin patches! In addition to this, pumpkins are essential to craft the new Halloween-themed items. To lend fellow fans a hand, here is a quick guide on how to grow pumpkins in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    How To Grow Pumpkins

    Where To Buy Pumpkin Starts/Seeds

    Pumpkin starts are purchasable from the cabinet inside of Nook’s Cranny for 280 bells each. Alternatively, when Leif visits, he sells them a bit cheaper at 140 bells a pop.

    How To Plant Pumpkin Starts

    You can plant pumpkin starts by standing on an empty piece of land, opening your inventory, and then planting the starts.

    Alternatively, you can dig a hole with your shovel and then open your inventory to plant the starts.

    Tip: Using the Island Designer app on your NookPhone to place dirt tiles to plant the starts on, is a cute way of making a proper little pumpkin patch.

    Watering Your Pumpkins

    It’s important to water your pumpkins regularly as they will then produce more pumpkins for you to harvest later on

    If you water your planted pumpkin starts everyday (barring rainy days) until the pumpkins are fully grown, You will be able to harvest three pumpkins as opposed to the fewer pumpkins that grow when you don’t water them each day.

    Like flowers, the pumpkins will twinkle when watered.

    The Stages Of Pumpkin Growth

    There are four different stages of Pumpkin growth. These four stages happen over the course of the four days it takes for Pumpkins to be ready for harvesting.

    Stage 1 (Planted)
    Stage 2 (Growing)
    Stage 3 (More Growing..)
    Stage 4 (Ready!)

    Harvesting Pumpkins

    When your pumpkin(s) have reached the fourth stage of growth (as illustrated above), they are ready for harvesting!

    To harvest a pumpkin, stand over it and press the Y button. The pumpkin will then be in your inventory, and can now be used as a crafting material!

    Do Pumpkins Regrow After Being Harvested?

    Yes, pumpkins do indeed regrow after being harvested. So there’s no need to dig the plants up, as more pumpkins will contine to sprout.

    The Different Types of Pumpkins & Their Role In Customization

    There are four different types of pumpkins that can grow from a pumpkin start and then be harvested. The pumpkins grow in orange, yellow, white, and green.

    The orange pumpkin is the most common colored pumpkin to sprout. The other three colored pumpkins are uncommon in comparison. This does make sense however, as the spooky item DIY’s require solely orange pumpkins as crafting materials.

    But to customize your Spooky Set items, you’ll still need the other colored pumpkins which sprout in yellow, white, and green.

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  • svgSep 26, 2020Animal Crossing

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    Nintendo recently revealed information about the long-awaited Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween event. The video released by Nintendo shows that the game’s Halloween update will contain a whole bunch of spook-tacular features.

    Some examples of Halloween features include brand new fences, DIY Halloween furniture, new skin tones, the ability to plant pumpkins, and some new reactions! I don’t know about you, but this unveiling has got me super hyped for Halloween in the game! I’ve been frantically spook-ifying my island in preparation for the event.

    Whilst doing this, I decided to also change my island flag and tune for Halloween. Whilst searching for some, I came across the following Halloween Animal Crossing: New Horizons flags and tunes which I wanted to share with fellow fans!

    For a reminder on how to use ID codes to obtain designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, check out this article here.

    Flag Designs Perfect For Halloween

    You can check out some more awesome island flag designs here.

    Island Tune Ideas Perfect For Halloween

    You can check out some more awesome island tune ideas here.

    For a full analysis of the Halloween update trailer, including hidden details you might have missed, check out the video below!

    Be sure to watch this space for some Halloween-themed paving designs to use on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island!

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  • svgSep 20, 2020Animal Crossing

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    As the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween event draws near, players inevitably are wanting to decorate their islands to celebrate. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has less Halloween-themed furniture than in New Leaf.

    But we’ve seen how creative and innovative the Animal Crossing fanbase are, and they aren’t letting that fact stop them from celebrating in style. Whether it be using official Halloween items, or improvising with cool custom content, players have come up with some spook-tacular island ideas! Pumpkin patches, cemetaries, and haunted houses are just a few examples.

    If you’re unsure about how to welcome Jack back in style, get inspired with these Halloween island ideas from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Update and Costumes

    Are you looking for more information about the Halloween event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? For an insight into what players can expect, be sure to check out this article on the next Animal Crossing: New Horizons update.

    Do you need an in-game Halloween costume for your character to wear? Or perhaps you want to display some autumnal clothing Able Sisters store? Look no further as you’ll find an abundance of autumnal clothing that you will ‘fall’ in love with here.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t the only game getting its spook on. Ooblets is also getting a Halloween update which will feature a creepy new region called Nullwhere.

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