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  • svgNov 15, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Are you looking for a simple town building game that lets you just craft a city without the pressures of choosing the details for everything? Townscaper is for you, then! The game is described as “more of a toy than a game” and offers a simple, casual experience. Pick colors from a color palette, then place buildings on an irregular grid. Create winding walkways full of tall, colorful apartments, or sprawling seaside shanty towns. Experiment with placing buildings and watch the underlying algorithm spawn arches, stairs, bridges, canals, and more! There are no objectives. There’s no real gameplay. Townscaper is just a relaxing building sim that lets you set your creativity free. 

    Available Now

    You can find Townscaper in Steam, Epic Games, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Switch, and Xbox

    Tiny Glade is another relaxing, free-form building game without any objectives!

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