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  • svgMay 27, 2019Event

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    We are so ready for Mineko’s Night Market, and we want you to be ready too!

    Nothing says “I absolutely adore this game” like having themed collectables for your favorite titles! Well, myPotatoGames has teamed up with the developers of Mineko’s Night Market to make some gamers dreams come true. While it may be early to call this unreleased game a favorite, we can certainly tell that this is one virtual experience that is not likely to let us down! So, in the spirit of expectation, let us prepare for the not-too-far-off release of this auspicious title with a wonderful memorabilia giveaway!

    We love Mineko’s Night Market!

    For those of you who are unaware, myPotatoGames has been a long time follower of Minekos Night Market! We have always shared what information we could about this adorable upcoming game, and now finally have the chance to share some super awesome Mineko’s themed goodies, thanks to the kind hearted developers of this beautiful cat-tastic game! In case you need some catching up, you can check out our “Everything You Need To Know About Mineko’s Night Market” article! Otherwise, brace yourself for chance to get your hands on some sweet Mineko’s merchandise, absolutely free of charge!

    What’s (possibly) in store for you…

    We have a collection of a few choice items that will surely make you feel right at home with the rest of the Mineko super-fans eagerly awaiting the game! The first piece of awesomeness happens to be a Mineko’s Night Market Cutaway, Cats and Rice Art Print! It is an absolutely adorable print of little Mineko munching on some rice while surrounded by the cutest kitties! We also have a Mineko’s Night Market large zipper pouch, for holding all your catty knick-knacks, or if we’re lucky, eventually a physical copy of Minekos Night Market! Finally, we were fortuitous enough to also be given a Mineko’s Night Market sticker pack, full of kiss-cut glossy stickers! Plus, hidden inside the large Mineko pouch will be a bonus Mineko themed gift, but only the winner will have the opportunity to share what that might be!

    !!!THE GOODIES!!!

    A big thanks to the devs!

    We would like to extend much gratitude and appreciation to the developers of Mineko’s Night Market, without whom none of this would be possible. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for not only creating this adorable feline fantasy, but also giving us the chance to share it with everyone we can! Now having the opportunity to share the coolest fan merchandise means a lot us, and we truly wish them all the best in all their endeavors!!

    More goodies?!?!

    If you don’t want to leave things to chance, you may have noticed that the description of the items are also clickable links, so you may secure your Mineko’s memorabilia right away! If all of this is not enough to satiate your need for more Mineko’s themed items, you may also check them out on The Yetee by clicking here! For all the up-to-date information you might need in regards to the Night Market, be sure to follow @MinekosMarket on Twitter by clicking here!

    How to win!

    We thought that it might be nice to make this an easier giveaway, and not require hunting or clue finding in any way (as much as we’d like to). No, no. To be a participant in this particular giveaway, all one must do is follow us on Twitter, and re-tweet the giveaway post by clicking here, or on the image below! Just that simple. We will choose one lucky winner to receive this bundle of beautiful bits of Mineko memorabilia! Good luck and thank you to all those who choose to be a part of this rare opportunity! All submissions must be entered by the end of the day on Monday, June 3rd, and a winner will be chosen on June 4th.

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  • svgMay 7, 2019News

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    Snacko is a farming simulation game developed by an indie studio called bluecurse where you play as a cat! If you haven’t heard of this amazing game yet you can get caught up with us here. You’ll be able to farm, fish, cook, decorate, and recruit different animals to your island sometime in 2021 on PC and the Nintendo Switch. See below for bluecurse’s latest devblog for the newest developments in Snacko.


    Crafting can be a lot of fun as you have to find recipes by talking to new characters and discovering new locations. That means there’s a lot of exploring to do! You can also find the required materials you need to build things around your farm and other areas outside. You can see in the image below that some items you can craft will be for cosmetic purposes so you can have fun decorating.

    Other items will be very useful in helping you with your farming such as sprinklers for your crops, and a lamp to help you see at nighttime. Moreover, there seems to be tools that you need to craft to perform certain activities (i.e. fishing rod for fishing).


    Cooking just became a lot more pleasant as not only do you follow recipes from a book but you can also experiment and your recipe book will record what you’ve learned! Furthermore, there are recipes that will require very specific food items to complete, such as tomatoes for tomato soup, and there will be recipes that are a little more general.

    For example, to make a fruit tart you can choose any kind of fruit you want and any attribute that adds a “sweet” flavor. All consumables will have categories like vegetables or meats, as well as whether it tastes sweet, sour, etc. This way you can get a little more creative with your dishes as long as they meet the conditions listed.

    Camping Out

    There will be four distinct islands asides from the main island which houses your farm and the town. Each new island you discover has its own puzzles, resources, monsters, and creatures. Since there is so much exploring to do, the developers have thought of a unique way that you can stay out for several days. Instead of having to return all the way back home, you only need to bring a few of this key item: cardboard boxes!

    Cardboard boxes are the most comfortable beds to a cat as long as they stay dry. This means you will have to make sure you find an area that is covered or go inside caves. It’s easy to obtain them; get them for free from shops from time to time or check out the junkyard. Each box can be used for up to three times so it is important to stock up if you want to be out for a while.


    There will be different weather or environmental effects on the other islands. Therefore, the developers are working on adding summer, fall, and winter to the game, which already included spring. As time passes you will get to see the environment change and have many lovely things to look at; spring has cherry blossoms and now fall will have colored leaves. In addition, notice in the image below how your character Momo has left behind some adorable little kitty footprints in the snow!


    The creators have started selling more merchandise from their online store here, and are providing their supporters with discount codes. New this month is the adorable keychains you can see below. You can also continue to support this game on Patreon and receive some interesting perks!

    Want to know what else is new for the month of April on other games we’ve covered? Check out Calico (another game with cats), Alchemy Story (an adorable farming simulation game), and Ooblets (grow your own companions and “battle” by dancing).

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  • svgMay 2, 2019News

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    As of May 1st, 2019, Calico: Magical Girls Running Cat Cafés, successfully raised $70,634 with 2,721 backers! That is over 200% past their goal! If you missed our news about this game, you can get caught up and learn more here. With more funding came more customization options such as furniture, potions, outfits, and animals. Most importantly, the project hit 2 of its stretch goals to implement amazing new features! See below for what’s going to be added to Calico.

    More items to decorate your household

    Character Creation

    The first stretch goal was a character creator at $45,000! Now you can make your own playable character with several customization options. This includes skin tone, body type, gender, hair color and style, as well as outfits! 

    Animal Customization

    Secondly, you now can dress up adorable animals in their own little clothing items, such as collars, hats, and bows! In addition to that, you also have the option of creating your own cats and dogs! You’ll be able to customize certain traits like fur color and size.


    If you are as excited as we are at myPotatoGames for the release of this game (year 2020), you can continue to help support CatBean Games by getting these adorable shirts and tank tops here. Stay tuned with us as we keep you updated on Calico! Now we leave you with this adorable animation from their Twitter page.

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  • svgMar 27, 2019News

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    The developers of Cat Quest II have recently announced a few fun additions to the world of Felingard: Local Coop and man’s best friend!

    “An adventure where two paws are better than one”

    Players will be able to play with their friends in a split screen experience. Explore the open-world cat universe, adventure on quests, and learn more about the lore of this furtastic world together.

    Along with coop, there is another furry creature joining the adventure. Players will now be able to switch between a cat AND dog! So whether you’re a cat or a dog person, there is an adorable pal for everyone.

    Grab a friend, family member, cat, or dog and enjoy local coop in Cat Quest II coming out in 2019.

    Add the game now to your Steam List and stay tuned to myPotatoGames for an official release date. Happy Gaming!

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  • svgDec 15, 2018Reviews

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    About the game:

    Hunter’s Legacy: Purrfect Edition is yet another feline-themed Switch title. The game, which is described by its developer (Lienzo) as a Metroidvania adventure, is set in an exciting fantasy world filled with fierce foes. The game was released on the Switch eShop on 13th December for just $6.99.

    Play and control Ikki, a heroic huntress cat with twin swords (are claws not enough?!), a bow, and magical abilities, in an attempt to save the Kingdom of Iripur from the evil Morodir in this action-filled 2D Platformer. 

    The original Hunter’s Legacy game was released on xBox, PlayStation, and Steam, where it received mixed reviews. Common complaints with the original included:

    • A lack of ore (which is required for upgrades)
    • An uneven distribution of ore
    • The villain and Fang of Alliance aren’t explained
    • Ikki seems unfairly disadvantaged due to her inadequate weaponry, which kinda ruins the gameplay experence for some (or in the words of a reviewer on Steam) ‘I know kitties with bows and swords can be cute but this one needs a machine gun badly.’
    • Inconsistent difficulty spikes

    Hunter’s Legacy: Purrfect Edition is a definitive, improved version of the original game, exclusive to Nintndo Switch.

    Hunter’s Legacy: Purrfect Edition features:

    • New story sequences
    • Additional character dialogues
    • New animations
    • Updated level design
    • A brand new mini-map feature
    • Improved melee combat
    • A new game plus mode 

    Despite these added and improved features, the game levels still lack variety and there are still inconsistent difficulty spikes.

    My Purr-sonal Opinion


    Ikki, who is also known as the Heroic Huntress of Un’Amak, embarks on a quest in aid of the Iripur, a race of anthropomorphised cat people who have had their Fang of Alliance stolen by the evil Morodir. In order to restore peace, Ikki must locate three sacred orbs to unlock Morodir’s barrier and then retrieve the Fang of Alliance.  As you encounter glowing rocks throughout the game, you will be given insight into the game’s backstory

    The introduction to the game is kept very brief, with just a few cutscenes (which are shown below) that don’t provide a lot of context. Additionally, I found the narrative to be quite cliche. 


    The controls of the game are pretty simple. The arrow keys on your right joy-con will trigger Ikki’s moves, which include bow and arrow, sword, dodge-roll, plus more as you progress through the game, which is approximately 5 hours in length. As moves are triggered by the press of a single button, and that most of those buttons were attack moves,  I appreciated that I didn’t have to fumble to fight foes. 

    The inventory in the game is great, as it’s de-cluttered and allows you to look at the entire world map. This map shows your current location, your destination, possible fast travel locations and where any chests in Ikki’s vicinity are located.

    There are some tricky boss fights and challenging situations to face, which is something that a few critics say can be a rage-quitting factor. However, I really enjoyed it and very much felt like it was the sort of game where you could come home at the end of the day and play a game that doesn’t require too much thought. Additionally, players get a sense of fulfilment from unlocking new abilities, surely making the frustration worth it. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that despite certain parts being difficult, the game is not impossible to complete, and that save points are pretty frequent.

    Graphics and Sound:

    I really enjoyed the cute Metroidvania art style used in the game. Although subtle, there are design changes such as new animations for some characters. Additionally the game’s levels have been designed to be more fluid. 

    Owing to my weird sense of humour, I also liked Ikki’s variety of facial expressions, of which I may have made memes out of (sorry not sorry)

    Ikki Memes:

    I found that the Switch version of the game ran very smoothly, and was a definite improvement to the PC version, which has been criticised for its framerate.

    Additionally, in my opinion, there were no obvious visual differences between playing in handheld mode and playing in console mode. 

    I found the game’s soundtrack rather soothing and well-matched to the game’s environment. Initially, I really enjoyed Ikki’s cat noises (during combat, when attacked etc). However, as painful as it is for me say due to being a cat lover, these noises become darn annoying after a while. This is a sentiment shared by many who have played the original game.

    Confession: I do still find the hissing amusing though.

    To conclude, Hunter’s Legacy: Purrfect Edition is an affordable cat-themed Metroidvania game will alluring graphics and music. I’d definitely reccommend it to feline fans and those who like platformer games.  However, whilst I do feel that the game is pretty and worth its retail price, it is let down by its limited context and narrative, and can be unfairly difficult at times. I feel inclined to agree with reviewers who have said that it doesn’t really offer anything new to the already quite saturated adventure-platformer gaming industry. However, it’s a pretty aesthetic game, and how can you not like a game with cats?

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  • svgOct 25, 2018News

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    [dropcap]C[/dropcap]attails, which is a feline-themed simulation RPG game available on Steam, will soon be playable on Nintendo Switch, it has been confirmed.

    Developed and published by Falcon Entertainment for PC, Mac and Linux on December 1st 2017, the game has garnered very ‘paws-itive’ feedback since its release. Through the eyes of a cat, Cattails allows players to hunt for food, interact with other cats, gather herbs and explore an expansive world.


    • Join one of three unique cat colonies and become friends or enemies with its residents
    • Hunt for mice, squirrels, rabbits, and more anywhere throughout the open world
    • Find new treasures in the wild as the seasons change
    • Date and marry one of twelve eligible cats
    • Raise a litter of kittens and bring them with you on your adventures
    • Dig for riches in dangerous caves
    • Fight in battles to secure your colony’s land claims
    • Hundreds of unique ways to customize your cat’s coat & eye colors and accessorize
    • Upgrade and customize your personal den
    • Fun seasonal festivals where you can compete to win prizes
    • Create your own colony of cats and customize it to your liking

    Kotaku have said that “Cattails looks like Stardew Valley, except cats.” and IGN have said that Cattails is “an adorably silly game, but one that’s also a lot of fun.”

    Tyler Thompson, the founder of Falcon Entertainment, has made the following statement:

    “We are extremely excited to bring our first game to the Nintendo Switch system. We hope that players, new and old, will share in our enthusiasm for introducing Cattails to a whole new audience of console gamers.”

    The game is scheduled to be released for Switch in just over a month on November 29th. Whilst the price of the Switch version has not yet been announced, the game currently costs $14.99 USD to purr-chase on Steam.

    In the meantime, why don’t mew check out the paw-some cat games already available on Switch.


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  • svgApr 28, 2018News

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    Meowza games recently released a newsletter, updating fans on the game’s progress. In light of this, we have decided to post an update containing all the latest information we have about the game. For those who are unfamiliar, Mineko’s Night Market is an upcoming cat-themed PC game. For more information about it, click here.


    Twitter user Kukubee has recently been teasing fans about Mineko’s Night Market merchandise.

    Talented Kukubee expressed hope that the cute pouches will soon be available to purchase on the game’s Etsy store. She also hinted that other items may be up for sale as she attempts to ‘build up some inventory’.

    Twitch Stream

    Meowza games have announced that a Whole demo of the game will be streamed on Twitch. The stream will take place on May 10th at 2:00 pm (PST) and again at 9:00 pm (PST) here. There will also be a small giveaway held during the demo.

    Game updates

    Meowza have been busy ensuring the game is completed to an exceptional standard. Game updates include:

    – A Quest system! The system is now in place and we are busy pumping out the remaining story content. Each quest is a handcrafted unique experience including: sneaking past guards to find missing artefacts, preparing a perfect meal for a special guest, and exploring a mysterious haunted lighthouse!

    – Beginning work on implementing the Journal. You can now keep track of your Quest progress and Relationships in your Journal. Soon to add: Food, Discoveries and Collectibles!

    – An overhaul of the Night Market/bartering system.

    – Having re-written Item and NPC interactions for optimization and future-proofing it for localization work.

    – Lots of bug fixes.

    Free wallpaper

    The newsletter also contained a free phone wallpaper, if you want to be part of those adorable giveaways make sure you sign up for the official newsletter here.

    For an exclusive interview with Brent the creator of Mineko’s Night Market head over here. You can now also wishlist the game on steam.

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  • svgApr 25, 2018News

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    [dropcap]L[/dropcap]abo was successfully released in the US and Japan last week. Nintendo Labo has been praised for it’s back-to-basics concept that encourages children to use their imagination. Many schools have said that they would like to use Labo in the classroom. Even adults have commented on how fun assembling Labo is.

    But Labo has also received approval from a rather more unintended audience. Cats.

    It’s no secret that cats adore cardboard. Popular internet cat Maru has loads of videos of him playing in boxes. If your cats are anything like my grandmother’s 7 felines (yes, 7) you’ll probably relate to buying them a comfy new cat bed (which comes in a box), only for them to turn their noses up at the expensive bed and sleep inside the cardboard box instead. How rude right?

    Given Labo’s popularity, it’s safe to assume many cardboard fishing rods, pianos, and robots now reside in homes across the globe. Cats worldwide must be rubbing their paws together in glee, thinking that Christmas has come early!

    The internet loves cats. It’s therefore no surprise that numerous videos and photos are emerging of cats with Labo.

    An example being Nintendo Labo V Cat

    It’s kind of cute to see curious cats taking an interest in/being intrigued by Labo. ????

    It’s admittedly a little anxiety-provoking to see cats sleeping on top of Labo and batting it playfully. ????

    It is horrifying however, to watch videos that show the most fiendish of felines destroying Labo! Somebody save it! ????

    Considering how unhelpful cats tend to be, it’s a safe bet your cats aren’t going to be helping assemble your Labo anytime soon.

    Therefore, unless you like your Labo:

    • Cat breath scented
    • Soggy
    • Punctured with teeth marks

    It’s probably best to keep your kitty well away.

    After all, Labo is most likely some of the priciest cardboard you’ll ever buy! If you want to learn more about Nintendo Labo, head over here.

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