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  • svgOct 31, 2019Quick Bits

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    The Pokemon Center in the US just announced its Holiday merchandise for 2019 and oh boy! Did they come up with some nice things to make this Christmas even sweeter!

    Starting tomorrow November 1st, just right in time to take off all the spiderwebs from Halloween, you can browse some Pokemon themed merchandise for yourself or a loved one to place under this years tree. There are dozens of new items to choose from, an Evee stocking, pokemon sweater, ornaments and more are all part of the fun!

    Check out the full list of items below, if you want to already take a sneak peak at some of the items before they go live on the official Pokemon Center website tomorrow, scroll all the way down!

    Pokemon Center Holiday Merchandise

    Beginning tomorrow, The Pokémon Company International will release a new collection of holiday-themed merchandise to help Trainers get into the holiday spirit in Pokémon style. The collection includes themed Pokémon plush, home decor such as stockings and string lights, apparel, and more.

    Trainers in the US can pick up the following products that are only available at, the premier destination for official, premium-quality Pokémon merchandise:

    • Pokémon Holiday Lights Poké Plush—Snuggle up on the couch with these festive Pokémon plush featuring Pikachu, Sylveon, and Charmander.
    • Poké Ball String Lights—Decorate your home or tree with this set of 10 Poké Ball string lights.
    • Pokémon Holiday Poké Ball Tree Topper—Complete your tree decor with this Poké Ball Tree Topper, a perfect accent for a home full of Trainers.
    • Pikachu & Eevee Pokémon Holiday Tree Skirt—This red tree skirt comes complete with white trim and an image of an iconic Pokémon duo: Pikachu and Eevee.
    • Eevee Pokémon Holiday Ornament—This adorable 3-D ornament features a winking Eevee holding a silver bell adorned with holly.
    • Eevee Pokémon Holiday Plush Hat—This soft plush hat comes in classic green with Eevee ears, an Eevee silhouette pattern, and an embroidered Eevee on the faux fur trim.
    • Eevee Pokémon Holiday Plush Stocking—With an Eevee silhouette pattern, embroidered detailing, and faux fur trim, this stocking is perfect for holding small gifts.
    • Eevee Pokémon Holiday Fleece Throw—Cuddle up by the fire with this soft fleece blanket showing Eevee surrounded by holly and peppermint candies.
    • Pokémon Holiday Socks—These festive red and green socks are adorned with images of either Pikachu or Eevee.
    • Holiday Crew Neck Sweatshirts—Stay warm in stylish sweatshirts featuring Pikachu, Vulpix, and Delibird.
    • Pikachu & Eevee Pokémon Holiday 2019 Pins & Greeting Card—Send season’s greetings to family and friends with a festive card that comes paired with Pikachu and Eevee pins.

    Additional items from the holiday collection are coming soon to, including:

    • Delibird Holiday Express Figures—A special line of collectible train cars provides quintessential decor for the winter season. Trainers can look forward to collecting each of the four train cars: the Pikachu Engine Figure, Dragonite Flatcar Figure, Alolan Vulpix Boxcar Figure, and Slowpoke Caboose Figure.
    • Pokémon TCG: Pokémon Holiday Lights Playmat—Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble gather around a snow-covered tree with Pikachu and friends on this must-have playmat for any Pokémon TCG fan!
    • Pokémon Holiday Lights Postcards (10-Pack)—Send a warm greeting with these colorful postcards.
    • Pokémon Holiday Lights 15 oz. Mug—Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or other favorite holiday treats with this ceramic mug.

    Trainers can also receive a reusable shopping bag as a gift with purchase while supplies last (certain products excluded from offer).

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  • svgAug 5, 2019Feature

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    A little while ago we wrote about ways to make your gaming life more comfortable and convenient. Today we’re going to talk a little about making it look better. Skins (often called decals) are available for just about any modern console and can drastically change the appearance of those ubiquitous black plastic boxes. You can customize your set-up in almost any way you can imagine, whether you have a PS4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch. The options are so ample, it can be hard to choose.

    And though it is smaller to suit its hybrid nature, the Nintendo Switch also has many skins to customize it to your taste. One of the sprouts in this potato patch has the Sheikah Slate decals on their own Switch right now. They can make your console look so different that you’ll clear a more prominent space for it. No more hiding them away…you’ll want to feature it, to better admire its appearance.

    And since the Switch is meant to be portable, there is another opportunity to customize it beyond console decals. Carrying cases! Did you know you can get ones that look like Mario or Luigi’s overalls? And there are plenty of cases to match almost any other game-themed skin you choose, too.

    Keep in mind that if you have a comfort grip or other custom features on your Switch, you’ll need to choose a case that fits the Switch with the grip on. That, or the grip will have to be removed and carried separately. Some over-eager little potatoes forgot about that fact when buying their own carrying case. And we still haven’t figured out how to make the cords pretty. What does your gaming set-up look like? Have you done any customization? Did you go to any trouble to keep it tidy or organized?

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  • svgAug 1, 2019Feature

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    If you’re a gamer (and you probably are!) it’s likely because you think playing games is fun. You know what’s not fun? Carpal tunnel syndrome.  Your family complaining about your game or television’s volume isn’t great either. Dropping your handheld console and picking it up to realize it’s damaged? Not the best experience.

    Comfort Grips

    There are accessories that solve or greatly reduce the incidence of such issues! What’s more, they can significantly improve your gaming experience in the process, and many of them are surprisingly affordable. Those featured today are licensed by Nintendo. Voiding your warranty is not a fear, here!

    One type of accessory that is near and dear to these potatoes’ starchy hearts is the comfort grip. Ever since finding a cozy, densely squishy grip called Dream Gear for the 3DS (comes in multiple colours and reduces the chance of the 3DS being damaged if dropped) these potato gamers have been big fans.

    The Switch already has many comfort grip options too, including colourful rubbery ones like the Dream Gear for 3DS. This time, we chose the firmer GoPlay Grip for the angled hand holds.  It offers less protection, but makes handheld gaming a joy. It keeps your wrist position straighter and your grip more secure due to the shape and texture of the rubberized hold. The joy-cons can be removed easily with the grip still attached so that you can use it as a stand to play in tabletop mode. If you decide to get the packaged set, the grip will also come with a carrying case which the Switch will fit into even with the grip still on.

    Comfort grips can be great for anyone, allowing you to hold the system in a more comfortable way, but tend to be especially helpful for those of us with bigger or longer hands. Portable gaming suddenly feels so much better. These spuds are in love!

    Audio Controller

    Released for sale very recently is also the first integrated audio controller.  It has an audio jack, into which you could plug earphones or even a full headset (if using an integrated voice chat feature as in Fortnite). In shape and layout, it is nearly identical to Nintendo’s own pro-controller, though it is a third of the price. 

    Keep in mind that it cannot be played wirelessly, and it doesn’t use rumble or motion controls. If those features are important to the games you play most, PDP’s Faceoff Deluxe+ audio wired controller probably isn’t for you. But if you want to be able to play your Switch docked and still keep the sound to yourself in crisp quality, and at whatever volume you like, this isn’t a controller to overlook.  It also comes in 4 colour options.

    These are just the accessories we’ve tried ourselves…there is an entire world of options out there to let you customize your playing experience and improve your physical comfort at the same time.  If you know of any gems, or discover new ones, please tell us about them!

    We’re sure the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite will also soon have a plethora of great accessories. You can even pre-order the Lite itself right now!

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