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  • svgJun 9, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Sort, Stack, and Organize Things Into Just the Right Spot

    Another wonderful indie game was showcased at Day of the Devs just now, and it will entice people who love cleanliness, organization, and having things in their home placed just right. Especially those of you that have played and enjoyed Unpacking. With A Little to the Left, you’ll be tidying up the things that you own for that sense of satisfaction.

    This game has over 75 unique logical puzzles. Your tasks will consist of: sorting and stacking receipts, placing books in alphabetical and sizing order, colour-coordinating notepads, etc. There will be the occasional pesky cat getting in your way and messing things up. However, cat lovers should be used to that kind of nonsense.

    Releasing in 2022 on PC

    A Little to the Left is developed by Max Inferno and published by Secret Mode. It will launch sometime in 2022 on Steam and itch.io. Both sites now have a limited free demo that you can try out now!

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