Swedish Retailer lists Stardew Valley Collector Edition for the Switch


Stardew Valley is coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. When it does come to the Switch, it is possible that there could be a physical collector edition. CDON, a Swedish retailer, is currently listing the Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition for the Switch.

505 Games published the Stardew Valley Collector Edition on other platforms earlier this year. It features the physical disc of the game, the soundtrack with 33 hand picked tracks, a fold out map of Stardew Valley, and a mini Guidebook created by the artist and author of the full guidebook, Kari Fry.

The Switch version of Stardew Valley will be the first platform to have multiplayer. Check out our article on Stardew Valley Multiplayer here.

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Looking forward to this game on Switch. I’ve put off the PC version since I’ve found I just like this style game better on console.