Super Mario Party – Fantastically Frustrating Fun

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About This Weeks Winner

     Since back in the day, Mario Party has been bringing friends together for a healthy competitive romp in the Mario world. With more features than ever before, Super Mario Party continues to deliver the Super Mario board-game excitement that we’ve known for so long.  Currently available on Nintendo Switch for as low as $53.99US, Super Mario Party sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide in it’s first month.  You can play with up to four players locally,  allowing you to actually face your challengers, or online, battling strangers or friends from a distance for those elusive stars. 

A Bit of History and Stuff

      This franchises’ initial title had its release on the N64 in 1998, and immediately became a home favorite for its multiplayer rivalry style.  Pitted head-to-head against your friends and loved ones, you control classic Mario characters through many trials and tribulations to become the lead star holder, and lord and champion of all.

     Roll the dice and take the chance of much-excellent progression, or the degradation of regression. With thievery and malice afoot, every turn keeps you in suspense of where the balance of luck will shift next. Create and break alliances, never flinching or losing character and exposing your true selfish motives. While having this tendency to be at least mildly cutthroat, the game never loses touch with the cuteness of the Mario world, or the wholesomeness that always comes with the Nintendo name.

New and Improved

     Super Mario Party returns to the original game style quite nicely, while still adding new features that blend perfectly with this re-imagining.  With more characters to choose from than ever before, Super Mario Party brings a fresh face to these party titles, adding a Partner Party that allows you to actually team up with a partner.  The Partner Party is a whole new play style that makes for a little free roam, instead of the linear path.  The goals remain to collect stars and coins, only now you can divvy up the chores so that more concentration can be placed on literally stomping your rivals.  

     As to be expected, there are many new mini-games accessible in Super Mario Party, as well as some classics that are sure to pull some of the nostalgia heart-strings.  We continue to love and hate each other as scrap and scrape to be the big star holder. If you haven’t Party’d in a while, or have never Party’d, Super Mario Party is the perfect place to start.  Making great use of the Joy-Con’s functionality, Super Mario Party is a fresh coat of paint on a beloved vintage series. Being guided by the original hosts, Toad and The Princess, there is great fun to had in exploring all the new features and games available with this installment. 

Super Mario Party Release Trailer

You can get your own copy of this wonderful title right now by clicking here!

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