The new Super 64 HDMI adapter by EON Gaming is a super sleek way to spruce up your old console.

One of the defining points of the casual gamer is our frequent forays into classic gaming territory. Nothing quite beats taking a break from all that new-age hooey and playing a console that lets us reminisce on the days when life was simple, and so were game graphics. The Nintendo 64 has certainly proved itself in the ranks of sentimental gaming. Now, with the release of the Super 64, you will be able to play this epic console with finely polished graphics tailored for today’s fancy T.V.’s.

A bit about the Super 64.

Unlike its predecessors, the Super 64 will be strictly plug and play. There is no outside power source required for this Uber-efficient little device. EON Gaming was sure to keep design in mind when creating the Super 64. It was designed to match the look of the original console, and even has custom packaging to fit the same theme.

But it was the power that was the main focus here. This little monster boasts a zero lag input for controls, and scales the S-video to 480p. This means a cleaner and more crisp image, so you see everything when booting up Ocarina of Time or Mario Kart 64. It does come at a bit of a steep price, for $149.99US, but you can’t really put a price on happiness. You can claim one for yourself now by clicking here!

Exact Specs…

  • The Super 64 is a plug-and-play HDMI adapter for the Nintendo 64
  • No mods Required
  • Provides the best visual signal possible on original hardware
    • Pulls N64 S-video and scales to 480p
    • Custom tuned colors and audio to create the most true-to-form N64 experience
  • Lagless input – controller inputs appear on screen instantly
  • Custom designed plug to match original N64 aesthetic
  • Utilizes standard HDMI
  • “Slick Mode” feature produces a more polished image

Product Includes:

  • EON Super 64
  • Stylized custom packaging
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