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Sun Haven – Adorable Farming/ Life Sim Coming To Switch

The developers have announced that Sun Haven will indeed be coming to Switch.

For those that may have missed this adorable farming and life sim game with some pretty sweet RPG elements, Sun Haven is all about becoming part of the world you live in. You find yourself in a beautiful little town that captures the spirit of old school fantasy RPGs such as Final Fantasy, or even Pokemon back on the gameboy. But in addition to be able to call this magical town your home, you also tend to your farm and grow your favorite crops.

After the recent release, Sun Haven already has many positive reviews on Steam, and players are absolutely loving this charming new indie. For those that were part of the Kickstarter, it has been made clear that the developers absolutely intend to bring their game to Switch. Which makes total sense, seeing as how it is super cute and all.

So far, the awesome reviews have just been pouring in, and many of them mention the word “addicting”. One reviewer said, “…it’s like a more in depth Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley. ” Many players are saying that while it has lots of similarities to Stardew Valley, it still stands out as its own magical adventure.

Sun Haven Release Trailer

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