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Strike Force Kitty to Release on Switch on November 29th

Described as a ‘humorous light platformer’, fans of felines will be delighted to know that a platform game with RPG and puzzle elements featuring cats is coming to Nintendo Switch this week. Developed by DeqafStudio and published by No Gravity Games, the game will be playable in 13 different languages including, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian.

Not dissimilar to Mario and Zelda games, the aim of Strike Force Kitty is to train a team of four kitties to save a princess. The concept of the game might sound all too familiar, (you have to fight bosses along your journey). However, the game is unique and appealing due to its cute and humourous nature.

Features of the game include:

  • 350 unlockable costumes for your kitties
  • Multiple big bosses to battle
  • Cute graphics with RPG and puzzle features
  • Over 30 different artifacts
  • Bespoke art, music and animation to provide hours of entertainment
  • Funny and easy to play
  • Cats. ?

The game’s usual price is very affordable at just USD$4.99. However, if ‘pre-purrchased’, it can be obtained for the bargain price of USD$3.99 here.



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