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Stray Cat Doors 2 Releasing On Switch This Summer

The sequel to the super popular and adorable adventure game Stray Cat Doors is finally coming to Nintendo Switch.

Yet another crazy cute cat game is heading to the Nintendo Switch. The developers of Stray Cat Doors have announced that they will be porting the mobile version of Stray Cat Doors 2 onto this epic console. The developers have stated that the game has been so beloved on mobile so far that it only makes since to bring it to the Switch, just like the original.

Stray Cat Doors 2

About Stray Cat Doors 2

This exceedingly adorable little escape title is a simple and charming adventure game about a young girl escaping from a mad world. Use the clues in the environment and leave no stone unturned. The title features a relaxing aesthetic with a nice, zen soundtrack to give the game an overall super-chill vibe.

There is no pressure as you learn what it takes to escape each level. And there is all kinds of goodies to discover. You can even use the goodies you find to decorate your own home, and have a nice place to retreat to when not exploring.

Stray Cat Doors 2

The developers have stated that this new game will add 9 new stages, bringing the total to more than thirty. The soundtrack boasts over 30 original scores to ensure variety as you investigate every nook and cranny. You can also customize your character with lots of different outfits that you unlock through gameplay.


Stray Cat Doors 2 currently has a Switch release date set for sometime this summer. I’ll keep my eyes on this one and report when there is a more solid launch window. The original game is available on Switch for just $2.59.

Tweet Translation
“Nintendo Switch” version latest information
Switch version is nearing completion
It looks like we can release it by summer”

Stray Cat Doors 2 Trailer

More info

For more information on Stray Cat Doors 2, you can follow the developers on Twitter.

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