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Story of Seasons Publisher XSEED Teases Nintendo Switch Announcement

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he publisher behind the popular farming video game Story of Seasons has teased an announcement in regards to Nintendo Switch – to be made very soon. Reddit user Elyklord has reached out to XSEED games, asking if video games like Trails in the Sky 3rd and both Trails of Cold Steel would come to Nintendos latest console.

XSEED responded that they are big supporters of the Switch, and they will defiantly make some announcements very soon, however it may not be about the games the reddit user inquired about. Instead the announcement may be for Story of Seasons Switch that is going to be released later this year on the hybrid console. Other similar highly awaited games like Snack World by LEVEL5, which is set to release this summer have yet to make an appearance on the Switch. The sequel to Fantasy Life, will be a mobile only title, and will be released this month on iOS and Android in Japan. You can watch some new exclusive gameplay footage for Fantasy Life Online right here. Here is a list of the most exciting Video Games coming to Nintendo Switch this year, this includes the already announced Story of Seasons Switch.

Hello $$$$,
We are big supporters of the Switch so you’ll definitely be seeing some announcements about it from us soon, though it may not specifically be for the titles and series you’re looking for.




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  1. Here’s hoping it’s not for the 50% of their games I just don’t care about. I admit that’s a better percent the SquareEnix, who now have gobbled up enough other companies that a lot of their line up is stuff I no longer care about.

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