Nintendo Switch was released almost one year ago. Part of the initial introduction to the hybrid console, the big N announced some big games as well. Story of Seasons Switch was one of the major titles announced to be released on Nintendos latest console. But Marvelous and Xseed Games have been very quiet about the farming simulator. What happened to the beloved franchise we wonder.

As you may or may not know Story of Seasons is formerly known as Harvest Moon.  It is a farming simulation role-playing video game series created by Yasuhiro Wada and produced by Marvelous Inc. The series has quickly gained in popularity, and became one of the most beloved Nintendo 3DS games of all time, selling millions of copies. The last installment of the game was Story of Seasons: Trio of towns released in June 2016 in Japan, and later in the U.S. Some DLC content has been added to the game later on as well.

However, fans wonder what Marvelous has been up to since the release of Trio of Towns. Nintendo promised a release of Story of Seasons for Nintendo Switch, yet no other details have been revealed. We reached out to Xseed Games in hope to obtain some more information about Story of Seasons Switch. However, at this time Xseed games had nothing to share, but promised to update everyone in the near future when they have more details and information to share.

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Initial Nintendo Switch Games Lineup by Nintendo Showing Story of Seasons Switch

One thing is for sure, Story of Seasons Switch is currently in development, and even though we may not have any details yet we will be able to play it in the near future. Animal Crossing Switch might be released sooner than we think according to some latest predictions. There were also rumors that Animal Crossing Switch would focus on Urban City Life! And there is always Harvest Moon Light of Hope on Nintendo Switch and PC to tie us over!