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Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town Meet The Bachelors

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive town is a brand new installment in the popular farming franchise packing a bunch if new Bachelors!

Its been many years since we last received a mainline Story of Seasons game. After the popular Harvest Moon remake – Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town and Doreamon Story of Seasons we finally get to play an all new game in the lovely farming and life simulation series.

Pioneers of Olive Town is set to reinvent the franchise while sticking to beloved formulas. Following the announcement of a huge crafting system, and the new ability to increase the size of your farm tremendously, Marvelous released a bunch of new details for the upcpmonmg game.

Today Marvelous Games revealed some more information about the Bachelors you can meet in the game. To celebrate the introduction of the six Bachelors named Damin, Ralph, Emilio, Lori and Jack – Marvelous released a new video providing a good luck at the 6 bachelors.

Take a peak at some new gameplay footage and the lovely six gentlemen below.

  • Damon… The Aloof Stargazer Sparkles
  • Ralph… The Dependable Ranger Cowboy hat face
  • Emilio… The Sociable Fisherman Fishing pole and fish
  • Lori… A Noble Eastern Lord Kimono
  • Jack… The Clever Big Brother Thinking face

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Release Date

The game will launch on March 26th, 2021 on Nintendo Switch.

There is still time to snatch up this Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town pre-order bundle featuring an adorable plushie!


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