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Steam Summer Sale Happening Now

From now until July 9th, get great deals on games with the Steam Summer Sale.

There are so many games on sale in the Steam Summer Sale, it’s difficult not check out at least a few. Definitely some of my favorite games that, if you haven’t given a try, you might want to consider adding to your games library. I did checking through, and there are definitely some great deals on plenty of myPotatoGames.

Some deals worth mentioning.

Plenty of Don’t Starve games and content (like the new character for don’t Starve Together), plus other games from Klei. Don’t Starve Together is 60% off, and there is a bunch of DLC on sale for the original title as well. The LEGO franchise is also having a pretty major sale. 60-70% off many major titles from the series, like Harry Potter and Batman.

Steam Summer Sale

For those that like the relaxing flow and time management aspect of simulation games, Farming Simulator 19 is currently at 40% off. There, you also find the last few games from the series if you’d like to give them a try. Another good sim game on sale is Zoo Planet, which is currently marked down by 30%.

Steam Summer Sale

There were a few other games that should definitely be owned by followers of myPotato games. Portal Knights is 60% off, making it now $7.99. Stardew Valley is currently available for $8.99, a markdown of 40%. And I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve poured into Terraria, which can now be yours for just $4.99, as it is half off in the Steam Summer Sale.

Portal Knight

More games…

There are plenty more games to check out at the sale, theses are just a few of my favorite games. Check it our for yourself, there are sure to be games that will please any style gamer.



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