Staxel, a farming and building simulation game developed by an indie studio called Studio Plukit, has just been fully released today (April 11th, 2019) on Steam and Humble Bundle. If you’re a fan of Minecraft, you’ll definitely enjoy these pixelated blocked-shaped graphics! You can check out our earlier coverage of the preview of the game here. Now, let’s look at what has changed since the completion of the game.

Magic Crafting

A new Magic Crafting System has been added to upgrade your tools and help you with the progressing of certain quests. Watch out for Star Bits, an important new crafting item, that will be falling from the night sky!

New Pets, New Friends

You can now speak to Mayor Maximilian to find out if any new villagers are waiting to move into town. You can befriend those villagers through daily chat, by giving them gifts, and by completing quests for them. Become best friends with the villagers and you can choose to have them move in on the farm and become your roommate! Speaking of friends, you can send mail and in-game currency to people online in multiplayer mode.

You’ll now be able to get this new dog at random as your starter pet at the beginning of the game, or at random by buying a dog house. Rabbits, a wholly new added species, are found at the pet store, or via a village amenity you’ll unlock by befriending a certain animal-loving villager.


As you find ancient relics and paintings, you can display your collections in the all-new Museum. This museum can be unlocked via a quest with a particular blue villager. The Museum is yours to build and fill with wonderful art!

The Museum

Festivals, Calendar Extension, and New Lands

Festivals are celebrated throughout the in-game year of Staxel. From hunting down rogue prank-playing fairies, to exploring vast new caverns full of loot, there’s a lot more to do besides farming in Staxel!

Throughout the game you’ll find new lands to visit, such as crystal caverns and floating mushrooms in the sky. Check out the new Portal Festival for these new worlds to explore.

Staxel in-game days are now longer so you can have more time to accomplish all of this adventuring! Each calendar season is now 30 days, instead of 16, to give you more time to experience the best that each season has to offer. Make sure to check your calendar to review the current season’s events.

The crystal cavern


You need to befriend a certain game-loving villager so you can take part in some fun and challenging minigames in the Arcade. Enter a digital world and gather the 4 magic items of the Demon King’s maze as you try to escape. The developer assures us that there will be a lot of jumping and platforming involved.

Inside one of the challenges of the Arcade.

As for other updates, some tools, fishing, and the recipe book have been tweaked, special merchants added, status buffs and debuffs, a picture-taking mode, among other minor changes. Follow the developers blog for more information! For more farming games, check out our latest news on Ooblets here.

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