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Stardew Valley Switch Physical Release Possible, Multiplayer Patch Coming Later

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have recently reached out to the CEO of Chucklefish, publisher behind Stardew Valley. Many fans of the game are hoping for a physical cartridge release for the Nintendo Switch. The publisher has stated that ” We will try to do a physical switch version of Stardew later if the opportunity arises “. This means that a boxed version of the game will not be available at launch, but may be a possibility later on. Furthermore the CEO explained that ” Multiplayer ( on Nintendo Switch ) won’t be part of the initial release, but will be an update later. “. Multiplayer is one of the most awaited updates since the launch of Stardew Valley. The Co-op update will allow players to share a farm, and work together.

Stardew Valley Switch is currently in testing, and according to the publisher, fans wont have to wait too much longer. Below is the full explanation on what is currently holding back the farming simulator to be released on the Nintendo eShop.

Realistically we’re trying to get it to everyone as soon as we can, there are a few things involved in that process. First the game has to pass through lot check, a process that is out of our hands and essentially takes as long as it takes. Second, we have to ensure we get a release slot agreement from all parties involved.

There are two ways to do this. The normal way is to decide on the release slot first, way in advance (ideally a date you won’t possibly miss, so you can ensure it happens.) Of course once you’re done with bug fixing, lot check, updates, etc etc you pretty much have to stick to that date, even if you finish early. That could just result in the game sitting unreleased whilst completely checked and finished for some time.

The other way is to get all that stuff done first, then announce the next available release window. To ensure we get it out as quickly as is feasible. We opted for that option, and in the mean time I’m sharing all the info I get and am allowed to share.

So far lotcheck is looking really good, nothing has come up that needs fixing. Does that mean it absolutely won’t? No, because otherwise we’d be picking a release window already. But it’s a very good sign and that’s all I was trying to convey to people, as part of my promise to keep everyone up to date.

In terms of release window, there are so many people involved in that decision that I couldn’t really say. As soon as I have that information though, you guys will know.

Apologies for lack of response yesterday, it was my Birthday, I was busy celebrating. I hope this answers the question. If you have any others I’ll continue to share any information I have.




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