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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Arrives On Xbox One – New Content Coming Soon

Finally! After the long awaited Stardew Valley Co-Op Multiplayer update arrived on Nintendo Switch, PC and even PlayStation 4, the update is now also available on Xbox One!

The Stardew Valley Multiplayer update lets players add another cabin to their ever growing farm and invite a friend to play together. You and one other friend will enjoy the entirety of the game together that includes all farming aspects, events, mining, exploring and more!

If you are playing the game on Xbox One you can now download the update for free. Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 4 players already have the co-op mode – that is if your game is up to date!

Stardew Valley 1.4 Update Adds More Content

Eric also teased fans again with the upcoming 1.4 Update that will reportedly touch every aspect of the game and adds tons of new content such as fish ponds!


In a tweet reply to a fan who asked when the content update will be released, ConcerpedApe (Eric) answered “There’s a few final things still but it is very close to being ready”. Hopefully we will be getting some new content right in time for the holidays!

Update 1.4 is expected to enhance the entire game and add lots of new content that will breath new live into Stardew Valley.

If you need something to tied you over you should explore Witchbrook – the Stardew Valley of magic!



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