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Stardew Valley Mobile Update 1.5

Eric has just announced that, while still in the works, update 1.5 is indeed still coming to mobile.

Stardew Valley is growing and expanding its reach every day. Now that it is available on nearly every console, it is about time to get the update on the same level. To that effect, Eric has been working very hard to make sure that the update is properly ported to mobile. In a recent Tweet, Eric mentions that he had to outsource to a new company to get this update where it needs to be, and working correctly.

For anyone who needs a quick reminder, there is quite a bit of new content in update 1.5. The full list of changes and additions is actually quite lengthy, but if you would like to see everything that has changed with 1.5, you can see the devlog here. The page spells out every item and instance of change that came with the 1.5 update for PC, and as there is currently no exact page for the console version, this is as close as we get, for now.

Stardew valley mod animal crossing aquarium

You can be pretty sure, however, that most (if not all) the PC changes will also be for console and mobile (if they apply).


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