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Stardew Valley Inspired Super Zoo Story Releases First Trailer

Manage Your Own Zoo

Continuing with IGN Expo 2022, a new and exclusive trailer has been released for Super Zoo Story, a Stardew Valley meets Zoo Tycoon sim. Build and manage your own personal zoo by constructing your park and caring for your animals.

Super Zoo Story has over 70 different animal types which include exotic animals and dinos, all with different requirements to their enclosures. Combining DNA of animals with dinosaur species will create different colours and patterns! However, you’ll have to go exploring to find those fossils!

Keeping the townspeople happy is just as important as keeping your zoo animals happy. The island will have over 40 different characters. Not only can you befriend them, but you can even start a family with them!

Releasing in 2023 on Consoles and PC

Developed by Super Zoo Story Team and Published by Crytivo, Super Zoo Story will be launching sometime in 2023 for Switch, PS, Xbox, and PC. You can Wishlist the game on the new Steam Page here.



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