Stardew Valleys developer ConcernedApe, has recently held a Q&A session on reddit. The developer has answered many of the fans questions. A lot of Stardew Valley players are requesting a physical release of the game. ConcernedApe pointed out that it is indeed currently being considered. If you are one of the people who would like a Stardew Valley Switch Cartridge, we recommend making your voice heard to Chucklefish. Furthermore ConcernedApe pointed out that the long save waiting times will probably not get fixed. Some players complained that saving the game at the end of a day may take up to 25 seconds, the developers said that ” I (ConcernedApe) take responsibility for that, since I coded the original save system “.

He also replied to the question if there will be a sequel to Stardew Valley or just more content updates ” You can certainly expect more games from me, but I haven’t made any plans yet as to whether there will be a Stardew Valley sequel or more content “. As for the multiplayer Eric (ConcernedApe) stated that ” No date yet. It is intended to work almost exactly like single player, but with up to four players simultaneously playing in the same world on the same farm”. You can read all his questions in the original reddit thread right here.