Eric also known as ConcernedApe is the main developer of Stardew Valley. He recently announced that beginning Dec. 14th, he would once again take on Stardew Valley by himself, including publishing the game, which prior to today was handled by Chucklefish.

In his most recent blog post he announced that he would return to developing new game content for Stardew Valley. Erik stated “I am going to keep making new content for Stardew Valley” something he said he would  not do anymore, but explained that “I keep getting new ideas for ways to improve and expand upon the game”. 

Fans can now expect more new features hitting Stardew Valley in the future. Erik also said that he would start to form a team so he can be faster with more updates and bug fixes. 

The developer has also mentioned that he is working on an entirely new game, set inside the Stardew Valley universe. However, he mentioned that it has been put on the back burner for now in favor of more Stardew Valley content production. The new game remains to be a secret, and Erik has not shared any details about it yet. Chucklefish Stardew Valleys previous publishers, is working on Witchbrook, a game that is expected to capture fans of Stardew Valley. 

You can check out his entire update right here. Below is a summary of what fans can expect next.

  • My top priority is to see the 1.3 multiplayer update come to Xbox One & Playstation 4, and for issues with the Switch patch to be addressed.
  • I am working on a new game, but I’ve put it on hold in order to create a new Stardew Valley update (1.4).
  • French, Korean, Italian, and Turkish translations are in the works, though they may not come out until early next year.
  • I plan on forming a team to help me work on new Stardew Valley content (beyond 1.4)
  • Once the team is in place, I’ll divide my time between Stardew Valley and my new game.
  • I am now self-publishing on all platforms except Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Stardew Valley Switch has been a top seller on the Nintendo eShop since it’s launch. A recent update has added the long awaited Multiplayer mode to Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch, you can get caught up here. The game is currently available on PC/Max, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PS Vita, iOS and Nintendo Switch.