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Spirit Of The Island – Stardew Valley Inspired Island Adventure

Spirit of the Island is a life simulation game taking place on a remote island.

Island Paradises is a dream of many and Spirit of the Island lets you experience just that. The game that is inspired by Stardew Valley and other similar titles. It is a colorful take on the popular life and village simulation genre.

The island you find yourself on has many areas to explore, as you embark on your adventure you will uncover many mysteries. In addition to exploration, you also find much beloved activities such as farming, fishing, crafting and more.

The fun really begins when you invite a friend and enjoy the entire game cooperatively together.

Spirit off the Island Release Date

Spirit of the Island was successfully funded on Kickstarter and backers will be receiving their early Access this month. If you were not one of the initial Kickstarter supporters you will have to wait until 2022 to start your island adventure.


You can wishlist the game on steam already!

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myPotatoGames was founded out of our huge love for Animal Crossing, besides spending a lot of time taking care of my virtual village I enjoy painting, creating things or looking up funny and cute dog pictures on the internet. My preferred office location is somewhere on a remote island, in the middle of the South Pacific.

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