Discussion: If We Get A Direct This Month, What Will It Be About?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o the Internet is talking and the rumor mill is spinning about a potential upcoming Direct. As we slowly make our way to June and the impending E3 conference, we wonder if we’re even gonna hear anything before then. After all, Nintendo hasn’t been a stranger to presentations in the month leading up to E3. Since they aren’t doing a physical presentation this year, we expect a wider spread of information density.

As such, it’s common around this time of year that we take a look at what might be just around the corner. Luckily, the internet already has some ideas. Nintendo recently updated their Direct page which can only mean that they’re planning a direct (or that we’re looking too deep into this.) Odds are that’s it’s coming very soon, which means we don’t have long to wait to see what’s next. In the meantime, let’s have fun speculating on what could be around the corner! Here are just a few possibilities we came up with or have heard.

Pokemon Direct

We’re starting with this, as it seems the most likely and because it’s the most popular theory. This week actually happens to be a hot spot for announcing new Pokemon games. As it happens, many Pokemon titles were announced on this week of the year in previous years. This happened with every major Pokemon title since Diamond and Pearl, barring Black 2 and White 2.

As if that wasn’t enough, the update to the Direct page actually took down the most recent Pokemon presentation. And with the rumors of Pokemon Stars running wild, it’s looking extremely likely. Even basic pattern recognition backs this up. Game Freak made announcements in early May in the years of ’06 (D/P), ’08 (Plat), ’09 (HG/SS), ’10 (B/W), ’13 (X/Y), ’14 (ORAS), and ’16 (S/M). Since years always seem to group up by at least two, the pattern suggests an announcement this year.

There’s one problem with that pattern, though. Platinum took two years after D&P. Many suggest that Stars is a remake of Sun and Moon for the Switch, but it’d be a year early. However, if Stars was a code name (like Rainbow for Sun and Moon), it may be intended to throw us off the trail of a Pokemon Platinum remake for Switch or 3DS. (Because at this point, Game Freak probably expects their projects to leak, anyways.) Of course, that’s just speculation.

Pokemon Stars Direct
This is just a mock-up of a potential logo for the third title.

Regardless, this definitely seems the most likely topic for a potential direct. It may be a glorified reveal like with Sun and Moon which would leave the meat and potatoes for E3. After this point, though, expect less evidence and more speculation.

Upcoming Games/General Direct

Now, you’re likely thinking this would be a bit odd. Sure, the last Direct was almost entirely focused on Splatoon and Arms. They still did a wonderful job of rounding up titles that would be coming out soon for both the Switch AND 3DS. So why would they do another Direct just to reannounce that same stuff?

We think it’s possible that Nintendo might see this as “getting the E3 ball rolling early.” Nintendo could use this opportunity to announce some titles that are on their way, soon. Perhaps the rumored remake of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga? They could use this opportunity to remind us the system has third-party support, too. They’d give us a list of major multi-plats headed the system to avoid taking up time in an E3 presentation.

There are also plenty of games coming out this month that could use some attention from Nintendo. Games such as Disgaea, RiME, and Fire Emblem. Not to mention it’d be a good opportunity to reveal another Arms fighter. They could also put some focus on DLC for Zelda (and perhaps other titles, like Mario Kart 8 or Fire Emblem.) What we’re suggesting is more or less a general direct. This could clean up the mess before E3 so that Nintendo can focus on the big releases at the big show.

Another Fire Emblem Direct

This would be another odd decision. The last Fire Emblem Direct doesn’t seem that long ago. However, with Fire Emblem Echoes releasing in less than two weeks, it’s not too far-fetched. Fire Emblem Heroes could always use more coverage from the big N and Fire Emblem Warriors is closing in, too. The biggest kinks are that FE Warriors and the upcoming Switch title might be best saved for the big presentation. Still, it’s worth noting that there is still something to talk about!

Fire Emblem Echoes
New game coming out gives them plenty to talk about, we bet.
Pre E3 Direct

This time, we’re suggesting that Nintendo has big plans for E3, similar to their Best Buy demos from 2013. Nintendo would need a platform to properly announce this, after all. Honestly, this could just be rolled up into the general direct idea from before. We’d still like to acknowledge that Nintendo could be calling our attention just to announce E3 plans.

It’s also worth pointing out that Nintendo could actually give us an idea of what we’ll see at E3. Games that will be on the show floor like Arms, Splatoon, and Super Mario Odyssey. Of course, this doesn’t really suit their hush-hush attitude they usually take with these events. Therefore, it seems very unlikely that this would happen at all. We could only see Nintendo talking about E3 plans if it involved the viewers who can’t attend the show.

Nindie Showcase

Once again, this seems like a category you could slip in with “general Direct.” Only this time the Direct would focus on indie games coming to the Switch and 3DS. These are games that might not see much spotlight at E3 alongside bigger AAA Nintendo titles. They could even use this opportunity to announce that they’re bringing back Nindies at Home for this year’s E3. This one actually doesn’t seem so unlikely, in the end.

Final Thoughts

Nintendo likes their secrets. We’ll likely be told just days in advance if we’re gonna see a new Direct. We may not even know the actual subject matter until the Direct airs! Even so, no amount of speculation removes the seemingly high possibility of a Pokemon Direct within the next week. Only time will tell if we’re onto something or just complete lunatics, but it doesn’t seem like the wait will be too long.

Since we’re sure the readers will have some ideas, we encourage you to discuss them in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you think the Direct could be about.

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