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Snacko Gets Even Cuter With A Brand New Look

Snacko is a cat themed indie game where you spend your day fishing, exploring, farming and decorating your own little home. The game has now undergone some rework and looks cuter than ever.

Looks aren’t everything and when it comes to video games it really doesn’t matter to me if its HD next gen graphics as long as the visuals can deliver an immersive experience. Games like Snacko rely on actual fun gameplay mechanics and cuteness rather than groundbreaking graphics. However, this did not stop the small team to make Snacko look even cuter and more adorable than it already did!

What is Snacko?

Snacko is a farming simulation game developed by an indie studio called bluecurse, based in Vancover, BC, Canada. The founders, husband and wife Jordan and Erisa, wanted to create a world “where cats rule the land” and so the project began in 2018.

Farm, Fish, Craft, Socialize and Explore!

Snacko is all about fishing, farming, exploring and creating your own little home. You can craft tools to help you gather resources and of course you play as a cat! How cute is that!


Snacko is designed to deliver a relaxing experience much like Stardew Valley or even Animal Crossing. You can start a garden anytime and grow crops as you please.

Of course you can design your home and even the town to your own liking, decorate and build easily and create your perfect little world. You can even befriend the many villager animals you choose to invite into your town!

Snacko Farming

Snacko Gets Visual Upgrade!

The small development team has taken every cute asset found in Snacko and reworked it to look even cuter and more colorful. In the latest Snacko Dev-Blog update the people behind Snacko explained why they changed the look of the game.

The developers explained “…the main reason is that we felt like all the assets lacked consistency. Most of the assets were made over the span of many Snacko reworks, and the result was a very Frankenstein’d look. ” Take a look at the example below – old looks left and the and improved feel on the right side!

Snacko Graphic Upgrade

When does Snacko Release?

Snacko is currently in development and is scheduled to release on PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021, it’s a little bit to go but perfection can’t be rushed, right?

For now you can admire the Snacko Teaser Trailer below, I sure have been watching it multiple times! If you’d like to connect with the developers you can follow them on Twitter here.

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  • James

    February 4, 2020 / at 9:54 amsvg

    Glad they are still chugging away at this.

    • Max

      February 5, 2020 / at 7:50 amsvg

      Yeah I agree, appears to be a super cute game, looking forward to trying this one out as well! Seems to be able to scratch my itch I have for games like Animal Crossing 😀

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    Snacko Gets Even Cuter With A Brand New Look