There has been so much news about Animal Crossing New Horizons. Tons of gameplay, details and an aweeeeh-mazing trailer has stunned fans of the series once again. During a recent interview with no other than Aya Kyogoku, game designer of games like Animal Crossing New Leaf and New Horizons, it was revealed that players for the first time in the series will be able to invite real friends to live inside the same town.

Unlike previous games in the the popular village simulator, players can finally share their town with someone else. In AC:NL it was possible to open the train station gate and invite players over to your town for a limited time. Players who joined your town would be able to help with a few tasks like plugging weeds, go fishing with you and even take a ride with Kapp’n to the nearby island.

Animal Crossing New Horizon
Animal Crossing New Horizons – Multiplayer Mode

Animal Crossing New Horizons takes the multiplayer capabilities in the game to next level. Players will not only be able to hang out with friends, but can also offer them an entire house to themselves. This means you will be able to invite other real life players to have a place on your island, or you could rent a home at your friends island as well! This will allow for a much more meaningful multiplayer experience, in which other players can decorate their own home, and follow their own tasks while spending time on a common island.

For more information on Animal Crossing New Horizons, make sure to check out recent coverage, including 25 minutes of gameplay – and grab your New Horizons phone wallpapers here.

If you just can’t wait for March 20th, 2020 – check out new gameplay from the latest Fantasy Life game. You can also pre-order Animal Crossing New Horizons via Amazon already!

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myPotatoGames was founded out of our huge love for Animal Crossing, besides spending a lot of time taking care of my virtual village I enjoy painting, creating things or looking up funny and cute dog pictures on the internet. My preferred office location is somewhere on a remote island, in the middle of the South Pacific.


  1. This is the most upsetting feature of ACNH so far, imo. For the most part, I’ve really liked the new stuff we’re seeing! But allowing only ONE TOWN PER SYSTEM is awful 🙁 We couldn’t play the same game at the same time in New Leaf, but we could already share a village and each player have their own house in it. However, I really hate that if I had to share my Switch, I’d also have to share my town and relinquish creative control over it. And in New Leaf you could have MULTIPLE towns if you bought more than one copy, but it sounds like you can only ever have *one* town per Switch with New Horizons, and I find that just miserable. I’m very unhappy about it. Fortunately, I do have my own Switch, so I won’t have to share…but it’s upsetting just to know that no matter what, I can only have one village. 🙁

    1. That is a good point Kikki. I never made use of multiple towns, but I can imagine this being a problem with a Nintendo Switch console that’s used by an entire family, or couple.

      We still know little about the game and perhaps this is a feature that may be added down the line? I feel like this is an essential addition that should be included in the final version of the game. I do however love that I can finally provide a home to a friend on my island, it is something I have been wanting badly in New Leaf to the give the multiplayer mode more purpose!

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