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Settle Down in a Picturesque Japanese Countryside with SunnySide

SunnySide is an upcoming game published by Merge Games with a mix of farming and a dash of dating sim. The graphics are reminiscent of the Lake so it really has a relaxing vibe. SunnySide is inspired by the Japanese countryside and will have you fermenting your own soy sauce and slicing tofu, and gazing upon cherry blossom trees!

Much like My Time at Sandrock, SunnySide has more of a modernised take on farming by giving you access to solar panels, electric water pumps, and other such contemporary machines. You’ll be totally self-sufficient when it comes to growing and cooking your own food and generating your own power. There will be no shipping boxes or other tedious tasks!

With that extra free time, you can really get to know the locals. Moreover, form friendships or romantic relationships, join groups, attend events, and more! With the use of technology, like your in-game smartphone, you can keep in touch with new friends, access online shopping, and store your favourite farm fresh recipes.

Coming Soon to Switch and Steam

The developers behind this beautiful farming JRPG plan to release it on PC and Switch in 2023, with PlayStation and Xbox to follow soon after. For now, you can Wishlist SunnySide on Steam here.



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