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Rune Factory 4 Special Coming To The West This Winter

svgAug 1, 2019NewsMax

Rune Factory 4 Special is a remake of the original Rune Factory 4 on Nintendo 3DS. It was released on July 25th in Japan and fans were hoping for an English release in the west, Marvelous just confirmed exactly that!

Marvelous is handling publication for Rune Factory 4 Special in Europe, while XSeed Games handles this in North America. Marvelous has finally announced that Rune Factory 4 Special will be translated into English and released in Europe this winter! To go with the reveal we also got an exciting new trailer, check it out below!

Even though the game is not officially confirmed to be coming to North America, it is safe to assume that Xseed Games will release the game here at a similar time. Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch is region free, so you can download games from any region specific eShop.

The Nintendo Switch game now features an exciting “newlywed” mode and upgraded graphics making it a great replay for any fan of the original, as well as for new players first exciting new step into the Rune Factory franchise.


If you are curious about the sequel, make sure to check out the latest and newest Rune Factory 5 Teaser.


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  • James

    August 1, 2019 / at 11:27 amsvg

    I’m glad this isn’t coming immediately but is delayed. That will let me get my current list of games cleaned up. Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Fire Emblem Three Houses being back to back was really hard.

    • James

      August 1, 2019 / at 11:28 amsvg

      And I don’t mean delayed like there was an issue! Just in the general term of it not happening immediately.

    • Kikki

      August 1, 2019 / at 12:31 pmsvg

      I had DQB2 to play, as well, but I burned through it quick. I have about 130 hours in it now…but I don’t have any other games coming out for me in the next…two months, I think. So I’d love if the game came out sooner than later. Most of my friends are playing FE:TH right now and haven’t even gotten to DQB2 yet, so I think they’re in the same boat as you.

      • James

        August 6, 2019 / at 6:47 amsvg

        I’ve also burned through it, and am in the end game of just free building (have less than a handful of tablet missions left and the fishing quests). Gotta finish my castle and aqueducts!

        • Kikki

          August 6, 2019 / at 7:37 amsvg

          I finished my tablet targets and got my final tool. It’s useful, but not quite as much as I hoped. It does make some things more convenient, though. I’m currently laying the groundwork to create a town that’s inspired by the Italian town Positano. Not sure how that’ll work out, in the end…

  • SkeletalK

    August 5, 2019 / at 1:36 amsvg

    Very excited about this and of course RF5

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    Rune Factory 4 Special Coming To The West This Winter