According to a rumor circulating on twitter, a Nintendo Direct might be upon us. Twitter user paablosf_ states that a Nintendo Direct with a 5.0 Update for Nintendo Switch was planned for January. However, due to a delay of the software update Nintendo has only published a mini Direct. A February Nintendo Direct is apparently focused on the upcoming Online Features heading to Nintendo Switch. Many fans are hoping to also see the rumored Animal Crossing Switch as well as other Nintendo published games such as Smash Bros Switch.

paablosf_ Tweet about the upcoming February Nintendo Direct

To be clear.

YES a big Nintendo Direct was planned for January,but because of the 5.0 update and online features,It was delayed to Mid-February,probably between 12-15.

Thats why we got a Mini-Direct on January.

Info verified by 2 different sources.

There have been recent rumors for an Animal Crossing Switch release for later this year. Nintendo has remained quiet about it’s plans and game lineup for 2018. As of right now many new games have been announced for the hybrid console, but no first party plans have been revealed yet.

It will be exciting to see if Nintendo publishes a February Nintendo Direct, or if the big N will wait to announce it’s Holiday plans at this years E3 in June. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an Animal Crossing Switch announcement.