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RUMOR: Data Miners Found New ARMS Characters

These days, it’s very difficult for game companies to keep things a secret. Even more so when your game is already out and just waiting on updates for later. This is where data mining comes in! Developers have placeholders or little code names in their game files, not expecting someone might come along and read it. Data miners found lines of code in Smash pointing to Ryu, Roy, and Lucas shortly before their reveal at E3. Similarly, data miners found something very interesting pointing to new ARMS characters.


So who are these new ARMS characters? Unfortunately, we don’t have anything definitive on them. However, this list contains all the code names in the characters list. Many of them are attached to an existing character. Many are not. Take a look:

  • Belt (Max Brass)
  • Chain
  • Coil
  • DNA (Helix)
  • Hair (Twintelle)
  • Mee (Min Min)
  • Mummy (Mummy)
  • Ninja (Ninjara)
  • Plant
  • Police (Byte and Bark)
  • Ribbon (Ribbon Girl)
  • Robo
  • Scroll
  • Snake (Kid Cobra)
  • Spring (Spring Man)
  • Sumo
  • Surprise
  • Sweet
  • Twintale
  • Worker (Mechanica)
  • BossHead (Hedlok)
  • RNA (Dummies)

Many of these could easily just be repeats. Robo may have been an early placeholder for Byte and Bark. Chain may have once been Ninjara. However, many of these are completely unaccounted for. Surprise, for instance, could hint at a jack-in-the-box character. Plant is likely self-explanatory. Sweet could be taffy. There are many possibilities.

That’s all we have on this, for now. We know that Nintendo will release a balance patch for ARMS in the upcoming week. With that in mind, we will have more info on this sooner, rather than later. Feel free to discuss this in the comments. We’re eager to hear what everyone thinks about these potential new characters.



After reading into the Reddit thread in the source, other data miners have given us reason to believe that Sweet is the next character we’re going to see. Whether this is coming in the next update or later on, we still don’t know. Other names that have been moving forward in production since the previous version are:

  • Coil
  • Shaman
  • Tarzan
  • Lady

Take it with a grain of salt, of course. We know litle about these code names, personally. Stick around for more info, should it arise.

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