Rocket Fist Blasting onto Nintendo Switch Next Month


The UK Switch eShop has a surprise for us, this week. The Coming Soon page lists Rocket Fist, which is a game that’s currently out on Steam. Rocket Fist is a top-down arena-based action arcade game about playing dodgeball with explosive rocket fists. (Roll credits!) It looks manic and crazy and lots of fun.

Nintendo announced Rocket Fist for the Wii U eShop at first, but it looks like the Switch was a more favorable home. The game is listed to be coming out on July 13th in the UK for a price of £8.99. We suspect this title will release to the NA eShop at around the same time for something like $11.99, but that’s just an estimate. However, we can still look forward to Rocket Fist in the near future, since the Switch isn’t region locked.

Below, we’ve included the trailer for this game, as we likely couldn’t do it justice with words alone. Hopefully this looks like something you can play with friends whenever they come over. We imagine Rocket Fist will be quite the party game once it’s fully portable on the Switch. You can also visit the developer’s website, if you want to know more about the features. You can find that right here.

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